Health & Safety


Enhanced Health & Safety Measures

  • The safety of employees and students is the district’s number one priority. This section summarizes mitigation measures, PPE and related equipment, cleaning protocols, wellness screening procedures, and other safety considerations that are in practice throughout the district. Murrieta Valley USD will continue to adhere to all necessary safety protocols, precautions, and best practices. Face masks for students and staff are strongly recommended, but not required in indoor spaces. 

    Enhanced Maintenance, Operations and Cleaning

    District Maintenance and Operations staff will follow guidelines developed by the CDC, CDPH, Cal/OSHA for cleaning, sanitization, disinfection, and ventilation of school sites. Cleaning and disinfecting protocols have been verified by an independent environmental consultant as effective in addressing COVID-19 concerns. All maintenance and custodial staff are trained in procedures for cleaning and sanitizing, including but not limited to:

    • Bathrooms will be cleaned and stocked with soap throughout the day.
    • Cleaning and disinfectant products align with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved list. See last bullet for Material Safety Data Sheets.
    • Common touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly by custodial staff (e.g., countertops, door handles, restrooms, desks, chairs, handrails, etc.). Playground equipment and shared objects (e.g., classroom school supplies) will be restricted.
    • Disinfectant carts have been supplied at all sites, each with disinfectants, sprayers, cleaning cloths, hand sanitizers, and hand soap. These carts will be in use throughout the day. Each school is equipped with multiple fully loaded carts.
    • Drinking fountains will be turned off, and users will be encouraged to bring refillable water bottles instead.
    • Electrostatic Sprayers, Chemical Cleaners (e.g., plug-in and portable sprayers). 
    • HVAC systems will be serviced and inspected across the district to ensure proper operation and circulation of outside air. Regularly cleaning and inspecting air vents in classrooms and workspaces is part of our COVID-19 protocols. CDC guidelines include adjusting HVAC equipment to increase the outdoor/indoor air mixture to pull in more fresh air from the outside. Filters have been inspected and/or upgraded as needed to meet or exceed current requirements. HVAC schedules will be set to run within prescribed hours. The District follows a monthly maintenance schedule for HVAC filter replacement.
    • Signage has been installed throughout campuses and district sites as reminders for social distancing, hand washing, the use of facial coverings, and staying home when ill to avoid community spread.
    • Disinfectant and cleaners used by MVUSD: Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution; Spic and Span Disinfecting All Purpose Spray