• Directions to Log in to virtual classes:

    1. LOG IN TO OFFICE 365 before doing anything else. Use your district login.

    2. Once you're logged in, click on the apps launcher at the top left (square of 9 dots) and click on the ZOOM icon. If the ZOOM icon is not there, click on ALL APPS and scroll down to ZOOM. You can right-click and save ZOOM to the app launcher. Right-click the ZOOM icon and open in a new tab. From the ZOOM screen, if your profile does not automatically show up, click on SIGN IN. Your profile should now be there. Leave that tab open.

    3. Repeat - from the Office home page, find the CANVAS app (click on ALL APPS if it's not showing). Open Canvas and go to the teacher's course, then click on the ZOOM button. Wait for the teacher to admit you to the meeting.


    Save the Office.com link to the bookmarks bar so you can open a tab and log in to Office365 quickly, then get to Zoom and Canvas through Office365.