MSJC Annex

  • The MSJC Annex classes are specific classes that are offered with a collaboration agreement between MSJC and MVUSD. 

    These classes are approved to receive both High School and College Credits, replace a graduation requirement(s), as well as weighted on a 5.0 scale (similar to AP/IB/DE). The registration paperwork is completed and submitted by the High School Dual Enrollment Coordinators Mrs. Candaele and Mr. Peterson. 


MSJC Concurrent Enrollment/MSJC Annex Registration Process Fall 2023

  • Parents and students will have received detailed instructions on completing the Concurrent/MSJC Annex Enrollment Registration Process on April 27th 2023. Students will need to make sure they follow instructions and the timeline to properly complete the registration process. 

    Student Parent Agreement forms for Concurrent/MSJC Annex Enrollment classes are due to the West Hall no later than May 12th 2023. 

    Students that have never taken a course must complete the matriculation process. 

    Students that took a semester off must log into their MSJC Self Service Account and update the next term to Fall 2023. 

Courses Offered Fall 2023: Online Only

  • History 103

    Dance 100

    Sociology 100

    CSCR100 - College Success Career Readiness 100

    Students that would like to take course offerings outside of the preselected agreement courses with MSJC will need to file paperwork and register directly through MSJC Click Here. The deadline to register for courses held at the MSJC campus will be posted on the MSJC website or accessible through your student Self Service Account. Preapproval is required by the student's high school counselor. 

Last Modified on November 15, 2023