COVID Student Testing

  • 1.  COVID-19 testing kits. An at-home test kit is available to parents in the school office. More information can be found on the CDPH website. The state has developed flyers English and Spanish that explain when to test your child and what steps to take if you get a positive test result.


    2.  At school, COVID-19 antigen testing is performed by school health services with parent permission. This test is for students who are ill or are showing signs of illness during the school day. The tests are performed in the isolation or health office.


    3.  Personal physician or community testing site. You can find a community location on the county website:


    • There is no statewide testing mandate for students. The CDPH and MVUSD strongly recommend testing as a preventative measure and mitigation measure preventing the spread of COVID in our schools.
    • There is no cost for families to COVID test using the school options listed above (1-2) except for seeking testing from your personal physician. We recommend you call your medical office for details. 
    • The steps we take together can help ensure the safest possible learning environment for all our students.