•         The Pledge of Allegiance
    1     2
    I pledge allegiance     (I promise to honor and obey with loyalty)
    3     4
    To the flag
    5     6
    Of the United States of America
    7     8
    And to the Republic (and to the nation and our government)
    15     16
    for which it stands (for the laws that affect all citizens)
    13     14
    One nation
    15     6
    Under God
    17     18
    indivisible  (not divided, together)
    19     25
    with liberty  (with freedom)
    26     28
    and justice   (fairness)
    26     28
    for all.
    We show respect for our flag and its meaning by taking off our hat for the salute. We place our hand over our heart while we pledge. The flag is treated with care and can never touch the ground. When a flag gets old, it must be burned in a special ceremony.
    The stars represent our 50 states.
    The 13 stripes represent our first 13 colonies.
    The red stands for bravery, the white for liberty, and the blue for justice.
    Did you know that when the President is not in Washington D.C., the flag outside the White House doesn't fly?
Last Modified on August 27, 2015