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    This page contains answers to common questions asked of students and parents.

    How can parents help the classroom?

    How can parents help the classroom?
    * Donate goodies/rewards * Help in classroom * Organize Parties * share your expertise with the students

    Will there be homework packets or daily homework?

    There will be daily homework, which will prepare the students for the middle school level. Homework will be due the following day assigned. Homework should be expected Monday through Thursday, with some weekend exceptions, depending on independent study or major projects such as our State Report.

    How should you contact me?

    Please feel free to leave a message on the classroom phone (I check daily). Better yet, drop me an e-mail via this site.

    How is Math differentiated for GATE ?

    Students daily work and lessons are based on the Saxon text, although many lessons are augmented with outside support to clarify and ad depth to understanding. In addition Math Quest is available at anytime to support critical thinking/problem solving skills (with both group and individual work). A center is also available for tackling advanced patterns/logic/critical thinking scenarios.

    How is Language Arts differentiated for GATE ?

    Writing is monitored at an individual level and student teacher meetings determine areas for improvement or independent projects. Reading groups will all work through a core novel, yet projects may vary according to ability/interest. Junior Great Books will allow for in depth dialogue at the groups level - the focus being shared inquiry. all students maintain basic skills with our Reading text and support skills book.


    SCIENCE - Unit 1 - Living organisms
    SOCIAL STUDIES - Geography leading to Early Exploration of the Americas
    MATH - Depends on which teacher the student  has.  Please make inquiries to math teacher (differentiated) 
    LANGUAGE ARTS - Sentence building/ Where the Red Fern Grows(Novel) Houghton Mifflin reading series and Practice skills


Last Modified on August 8, 2010