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    Mr. Crawford

    English XXI, Period 2

    9 November 2005

    The Particulars of MLA Style Essays and Research Papers

         When writing essays and research papers, you will follow MLA style guidelines.  Please keep this sheet for reference the entire year, and refer to it often.  Remember to double space entire paper, indent first line of each paragraph 5 spaces, that your typeface should be easily readable, such as Helvetica or Times Roman, and that you should NOT use a script or "arty" font.   Your top, side and bottoms margins should be 1” all the way around. 

         The headings on all pages (your last name and page number in the upper right hand corner) should be about ½” down from the top.

         The only page that gets the full heading (as seen in upper left hand corner here) is the FIRST page.

         Also, use only 12 point type size, and print in BLACK INK, ONE side of the paper only! 


    To use "Header and Footer" option for MLA page numbering:


    • Type your paper.
    • Return to the first page.
    • Go to "view," click on "header and footer."
    • Go to "Insert Auto text."
    • From the menu, select "filename."
    • Type your last name in the correct position, on the right side, and space once.
    • Click on the page icon that has the # sign on it (first one on the left in the box)
    • Click on "close."
    • Your pages should automatically then have your last name with the correct page number on it (when you print it out).


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