• Student/Classroom Supplies for the School Year 2017 - 2018 Mr. Foley 


    Listed below are items your child will need for class. All items listed will either be for the student's personal use, or will be added to the classroom supplies. These are the items the school and I suggest that you supply for your child and our classroom if possible.   If you have any problems locating any of the items please let me know.  Thank you in advance for helping in anyway possible.

    Student Supplies:

    Listed below are supplies that each student will need. Some of these supplies will need to be replaced throughout the year. All the supplies listed can be purchased at Target or Wal-Mart for a reasonable price. 

    2 inch Binder

    Pocket Dividers (5 dividers)
    4 Single Subject Spiral Notebooks
    College Rule Notebook Paper
    Small (8.5" x 11") Whiteboard
    1 Dry Erase Marker


    1 Glue Stick

    1 Box of Colored Pencils

    1 Box of Washable Colored Markers
    1 Highlighter
    1 Box of Crayons
    1 Eraser
    Sharpened Number 2 pencils/or mechanical pencils 

    Earbuds in a ziploc baggy.  These will be used in the computer lab. Please write student name in permanent marker on outside of bag.
    1 Black Sharpie Pen

    **To help the students stay prepared as they rotate classes, we are suggesting that they leave all materials in their backpacks.  This is especially important due to the fact that students will be sharing desks and textbooks as they rotate through our classes.

    Classroom Supplies:
    We would appreciate any donations of the items listed below that we could add to our classroom supplies and use throughout the year.
    1 Ream of Copy Paper 
    1 Box of Kleenex
    1 Container of Cleaning Wipes
    1 Pack of College Ruled Paper
    1 Packet of Post it Notes
    1 Packet of Glue sticks
    White board markers and eraser






Last Modified on August 16, 2017