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    Let's get ready for the 2020-2021 Season

    It has been a different road these past few months. Wow!!! Trying to figure out our new distant learning, using social media to learn, play with our friends instead of meeting in person. But you have all met so many challenges, and I am so proud of your commitment. We now must use this new platform to elect our leadership for the new season. Please make sure to watch each video in its entirety. Choose the canidate that you feel is best for the job, and that will benefit and support our department and the goals for theater arts. 

    After watching each video make your choice for each office. The ballot has been loaded to 5 star. I will open the voting at Midnight on May 9th and it will remain open until May 12th. You will receive in your aeries email the link to vote. Again please watch the videos this week and make your choice. So you are ready to vote.

     Historian-To document the drama club and dept season through imagery, digital video, and present this journey at the annual Muse celebration


    Elizabeth Wright  Elizabeth Wright (Weezy) Weezy's Campaign Video

    Publicity officer-To promote drama club through social media, create and distribute artwork for all productions on the calendar, create programs for play productions and be the face of drama on the morning annoucements. 

    At this time there are no canidates running for this office. Both Brayden Connolly and Aliann Brawner have agreed to continue this position if need be. You may vote for one on the ballot. There is no video for this office, as both Aliann and Brayden are running for other offices as their first choice. 

    Secretary- to take attendance at each rehearsal, notes at all club meetings, to assist Ms. Wheaton in daily activities, and be a support to the club and department members throughout the season. Secretary is responsbile for keeping talllies for Thespian Points as well as finding and or creating the design for the drama club T-Shirt. 


    Isabella Lopez two  Isabella Lopez  Isabel's Campaign Video

    Madison Minnett  Madison Minnett Madison's Campaign Video

    Jenna Rutz two  Jenna Rutz Jenna's Campaign Video 

    Keely McDonald  Keely McDonald Keely's Campaign Video

    Treasurer-to manage and approve funds for drama club, to assist and staff the box office and concessions for each production, and to support Ms. Wheaton on purchasing of show items. This officer must work with students to train them to run the box office and house manage for shows. 


    Jacob Morgan  Jacob Morgan Jacob's Campaign Video

    AT this time there are no other canidates running although Aaron has agreed to continue this office and is listed on the ballot. He is running for another office as his first choice. 

    Vice President-To assist the president in all drama club and dept activities, to lead the younger artists in activites and help support the new club members. Vice President is a two year commitment and will become president the following year. VP must commit to spending numerous hours afterschool working in the theater on any and all projects that need assistance. They must assist Ms. Wheaton with club duties and class and directing of students if need be. VP must be organized and keep up on their GPA to become the president the following year. 


    Aaron Rutledge  Aaron Rutledge Aaron's Campaign Video

    Brayden Connolly  Brayden Connolly Brayden's Campaign Video

    Megan McComb  Megan McComb Megan's Campaign Video


    voting will open on May 9th. Please make sure you watched all videos before you vote.

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