• GET your Stanley tickets. Hold our camera phone up to the QR code and it will prompt you to the website with our event. YOu can open the pdf here.

    click here for QR code

    link to the showtix website

    link here for tickets   once you get to the site you might need to click boxoffice- then scheduled events. You will then see the options for the NOV 12th scheduled event. Or the RENT option to watch the show at your leisure NOv 13-16th. 


    SEE our Press release Video.

    Press Release Video

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    Get the word out team.

     turn in our music videos and dance videos to Brayden and Megan 





    Link for drama club Oct 14th click the link or copy and paste the  link in your browser.

    zoom link

    Click here to go to club actors

    Click here for the rehearsal room

     Or copy and paste the link below if it does not auto load for you. 


     Script-If you need hard copy let me know. 

    Click to see times we will meet after school and due dates for elements


    link to the updated film schedule 


    Production Calendar Click to see times we will meet after school and due dates for elements

    Music is Below click each individual link to learn the songs. 

    Music for the epilogue taught by Lauren Cameron- Ensemble parts

    Mom and Dad's Letter

    Music for I wish I were


    The music folder from MTI you will need these tracks to play and sing along.


    Meet the Lampchops

    I wish I were part 1

    I wish I were part 2

    magic music

    Stanley's wish

    Doctor Dan Transisiton

    Doctor Dan office

    In a Tree

    Traveling Thru the mail

    Paris Transition

    Can Can Chase

    Can Can playoff

    mom and dads letter

    transisiton home with doorbell

    Stanleys not flat anymore


    Sound effects for incidental and additional transistions. (these will come from Ethan and Cooper. Contact directly if need be.)


    Dance instructional videos

    Traveling Thru the Mail

    Meet the Lambchops

     Please complete the googe doc so we can plan singing parts for the show.

    click here and fill in the blanks


    Make up charts for all characters- I can not help with make up as we can not take it back after the show is over due to COVID rules. Do your best to match what has been designed. 

    Make up part one

    make up part two

    Virtual Backgrounds- down load all of them that apply to you. CHeck the film schedule to see which ones you need

    Bus Stop

    Bus Stop file

    Doctor's Office

    Doctor office file


    Kitchen file

    Lambchop living room

    Lambchop Living room

    lambchop home

    Lambchop home file


    Museum file

    Stanleys room cropped

    Stanley's room cropped file

    tree from afar

     tree from afar

    STanely TREE image to follow waiting on Morgan Delaney


    Prep Room link below for TECHS and Constructions projects below

    click here to go to the teams meeting 


     update 10/7




    theatrical thursdays logo  

    Click here to see the link

    So now you need to get involved make a video and be the star for the week on THEATRICAL THURSDAYS

    Add our name to the google doc. 

    Click here to sign up

    Let's get ready for the 2020-2021 Season

    The Adventures of Flat Stanley Virtual Edition- NOV


    Civil- Semester Two Directed by Lexi Tentman

    The Bad Seed- Semester Two Directed by Aliann Brawner

    Mamma Mia- April 2021 

    Auditions will be in Dec. 2020


    It has been a different road these past few months. Wow!!! Trying to figure out our new distant learning, using social media to learn, play with our friends instead of meeting in person. But you have all met so many challenges, and I am so proud of your commitment. Your new leadership team is working hard to create fun and exciting videos and tutorials for all our club members to enjoy. 

     Historian-To document the drama club and dept season through imagery, digital video, and present this journey at the annual Muse celebration

    Elizabeth Wright  Elizabeth Wright (Weezy) 

    Publicity officer-To promote drama club through social media, create and distribute artwork for all productions on the calendar, create programs for play productions and be the face of drama on the morning annoucements. 


    At this time there are no canidates running for this office. Both Brayden Connolly and Aliann Brawner have agreed to continue this position if need be. You may vote for one on the ballot. There is no video for this office, as both Aliann and Brayden are running for other offices as their first choice. 

    Brayden Connolly  Brayden Connolly

    Secretary- to take attendance at each rehearsal, notes at all club meetings, to assist Ms. Wheaton in daily activities, and be a support to the club and department members throughout the season. Secretary is responsbile for keeping talllies for Thespian Points as well as finding and or creating the design for the drama club T-Shirt. 

    Madison Minnett  Madison Minnett Madison's Campaign Video

    Treasurer-to manage and approve funds for drama club, to assist and staff the box office and concessions for each production, and to support Ms. Wheaton on purchasing of show items. This officer must work with students to train them to run the box office and house manage for shows. 

    Aaron Rutledge  Aaron Rutledge

    Vice President-To assist the president in all drama club and dept activities, to lead the younger artists in activites and help support the new club members. Vice President is a two year commitment and will become president the following year. VP must commit to spending numerous hours afterschool working in the theater on any and all projects that need assistance. They must assist Ms. Wheaton with club duties and class and directing of students if need be. VP must be organized and keep up on their GPA to become the president the following year. 

    Megan McComb  Megan McComb 

     President_ To assist the club members and drama dept students to engage in the arts. The president should be willing to help and guide and creative fun innovative ways to practice theater in all areas. 

     Morgan  Morgan Delaney

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