• Annabelle's Wish  winner from last week's club Alex Avila Enriquez 

    Jinge Jangle: A magical journey this is a video about he special effects you might enjoy

    Here are the trivia questions discussed in club today- send me your answers in an email. Have fun and enjoy the show. you can find it on Netflix 

    1. What is the name of the toy shop?

    2. What ws the color of the magic vile that gives Don Juan life?

    3. What is the name of Jangles Daughter?

    4. WHat does Jangle turn the shop into after he looses his wife and invention book?

    5. What is the young boy appprentice name that helps the OLD jangle?

    6. What is Ms. Johnston's occupation?

    7. How many background dancers/singers does Ms. Johnston have in her big vocal number "smile"

    8. Whte is Mr. Jangles real name and what does Ms. Johnston call him. (this is worth double points)

    9. Journey signs the contract with what kind of ink?

    10. What is thenmae of the failed invention made by Gusterson?


    Hre is a link to one of my favorite Chrirstmas Shows

    A year without a Santa Claus


     link for drama club Dec 16 click the link or copy and paste the  link in your browser. WE ARE ZOOMING TODAY SO HEAD THERE NOW.

    zoom link



    Today we will be watching a holiday movie in club. Bring some treats and your fuzzy slippers and snuggle in for some fun. A bit of trivia after the film and prizes will be awarded. 


    Can't wait to see you. 



     A few highlights from Flat Stanley a picture of hte screen while our distict elementary schools watched the show. It was exciting to bring theater to our community in a different way.

    Stanley audience

    stanley fans A brother and sister watch Stanely together  that is heart warming

    STanely  Stanley says goodbye for now. Thank you for sharing his story with us. 


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