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    Link to see the final show of the year TARTUFFFE

    Tickets are $10 for one streaming video and $18 for a full family.

    show dates june 7-12th, 2022

    click here for tickets


    The season for the drama dept is listed below

    Oct-Halloween Screams will be our Fall play and our CETA entry. This show is still pending as we are awaiting our lic. 

    Feb Aladdin Jr. The musical Awaiting the lic from MTI

    April- Mamma Mia- this show has been approved and will open after spring break. 


    Leaders for the 2021-2022 Season. 

    Find below the cannidates for the leadership positions. You can vote using the link below. Make sure to listen to each and every video and then choose only one canidate per office. 


     This officer's job description is to record imagery, audio and text for each show and events for the drama club and dept. The historian is the direct liason between yearbook and our dept. They are to help and provide information and imagery for the drama pages in the 2021 and 2022 yearbook. The historian is to help manage files for all drama club members and maintain documents for future use. 

    brittney Brittney Cheary speech for historian



    This officer's job is to promote and market all drama  club and dept shows. Manage and post on our social media platforms keeping the community informed of all events. The publicity officer  is known as the "face of drama" and is responsible to create video and do the morning announcements with the video dept. This officer needs to create all the poster, write the press releases and promo videos for the shows. 

    Brayden Brayden Connolly speech for publicity officer



    This officer's job is to take notes at all drama club meetings. Proof all publicity posters, press releases and help with clerical work for Ms. Wheaton. The secretary is to help and assist the treasurer with all paperwork and reconcile documents for all the play production tickets. The secretary is also responsible for the artwork for the club yearly t-shirt and tallying marks for thespian points. 


    Jenna Jenna Rutz speech for secretary




    This officer's job is one of the most demanding. It requires the leader to staff the box office and concession during all our drama productions. They are to help with the organzinig of donated foods, drinks, and goodies for intermission of each theater event. They must pay close attention the fund that are collected and approve spending. The treasurer helps with recociling the tickets after each show as well as the concession stand profits. They must train the house manager and ushers for the plays and make sure that the programs are ready to be passed out for each show. 

     GAvin Gavin Thompson speech for Treasurer

     Mia Knibb as a write in

     Vice President 

    This officer is responsible for the drama club membership and helping new students feel comfortable in the theater. The VP is a liason for club and any shows that might take place with outside groups I.E. Thompson. The VP is elected as the Vice President Pro Tem. Which allows for the VP to train for one year and then will automatically become the president for the following year. Th VP cannidates must all agree to a 2 year term. 

    Candidates Olivia Schweizer, 

     Olivia Schweizer speech for VP

    Izabella Izabella Lopez speech for vice president


    Leading our team next year is Megan McComb a senior who has been in drama for the past 3 years. She has been an active member link crew and has proven to be a talent creative leader as the VP. It is with great pride to announce her Presidency on March 26th at the MUSE Awards. 

    Megan President Megan McComb 2021-2022 season





Last Modified on June 4, 2021