• MVHS Parking!

    All vehicles must display a parking decal while on our campus.The parking lot off Nighthawk Way in front of the school is designated for visitors and all other district personnel.  If you are visiting our campus, you must obtain a temporary parking pass from the Security Station located at the main entrance of the school. Cars that do not display a parking pass will receive a “ticket”. The parking fine can only be disputed with the agency that’s listed on the ticket.

    Designated parking areas for MVHS staff and SRO/MVPD
    Fullerton Avenue staff parking lot
    The reserved/numbered spaces between the administration building and the football field
    Any space which is next too a RED CURB

    Per DMV code, the RED CURB is fore emergency vehicles ONLY.

     Click Here if you student needs to purchase a parking permit!!!
Last Modified on January 29, 2014