Where in the world
do people speak

French Country Report:
Part 1




Ivory Coast
1.  Together with a partner, select a francophone (French speaking) country.
2.  Divide up the following items between you and your partner.
Include at least 18 of these items
in your report: 
  • location
  • population 
  • area 
  • name of the capital
  • independence/government/leader 
  • languages spoken 
  • climate
  • geographic sites
  • literacy rate (percent of adults who can read)
  • ethnicities of citizens 
  • main religions 
  • mostly urban or rural? 
  • annual per capita income 
  • famous citizens
  • general cultural information (holidays, festivals . . .)
  • additional information
  • flag 
  • map
  • national symbol 
  • 1 picture of people 
  • 2 pictures of country 
  • national anthem
3.  Use a search engine to do research and gather the information about your country.
Search Engines:
Alta Vista Google Lycos



4.  Copy and past the information directly from the web site onto a Word document. After each pasted bit of information, copy and paste the URL from which you copied this information.
5.  Find pictures, a map and a flag for your country.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THESE INTO YOUR DOCUMENT.  Save these as a JPG or GIF in your weblockrz folder.  Before you click "save," rename them.  DO NOT HAVE ANY SPACES OR PUNTUATION IN THE NAME. (Example: "countryMap")
6.  Insert each picture, flag, map into your word document.  Copy and paste the URL from which you saved each image under the image in your Word document.
7.  Print out this "plagiarized" copy and turn it into the teacher.
8.  Select the information that you wish to include in your report from your "plagiarized word document.  Rewrite it in your own words.  DO NOT INCLUDE ANY IMAGES.
9. Type your report in a Word document, double-spaced, font size 12.
10.  Include a bibliography at the bottom of your report.  Include the url of each web site from which you obtained information or copied images.
11. Save your report on a computer disk and in weblockrz.
12. Turn in a printout of your report.
13.  Go to  freebackgrounds.com and select a background for your web page report.  DO NOT PUT IT INTO YOUR WORD DOCUMENT.  Save your background as an image on a computer disk and in weblockrz.
(click here to see the grading rubric)

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Louisiana, U.S.A.



French Polynesia



Thank you to 3dflags.com for these flags.

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