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 Today's Message

(Tuesday May 19, 2020)

Good Afternoon,

As we approach the final two weeks of the school year, I have some important messages. 

First, there will be a significant change in the assignments: This week, Week 18 of the semester, will be the last week of new material for the curriculum. We will not quite finish the novels we are working on for 11th or 12th grade. I encourage you all to finish reading the novels (The Grapes of Wrath for Juniors, and Brave New World for Seniors) but I will not officially assign the reading or writing for the last few chapters. Please finish and submit the work for Week 18 Assignments, and that will complete the semester work.

Seniors: You will not need to turn in your Senior Portfolios. So few seniors are completing the Distance Learning work that it would only be harmful to most students' grades to collect and grade the finished portfolios at this point.

For those of you who still have lower grades because of missing work from before the shutdown of March 13, please turn in (by email) your missing work to raise your grades before final grades are submitted.

The deadline for turning in any work will be Friday, May 29. Those of you who had higher grades on the last progress report will receive those grades as your final marks, unless your full participation in Distance Learning raises them.

This has been an interesting and challenging experience for students and teachers alike; I have found opportunities to exchange ideas on a more personal level in some cases, and encountered frustrations as you have while trying to carry on under these strange circumstances.

My message is simple now: finish strong!

Stay Healthy,



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