• VMHS Dual Enrollment Program

    The purpose of the Dual Enrollment Partnership between Mt. San Jacinto Community College and Murrieta Valley Unified School District is to:
    • Afford current high school students the opportunity to enroll in dual-credit courses
    • Expand student access to affordable higher education,
    • Provide challenging academic and occupational experiences to qualified high school students during their junior and senior years, and reduce the costs of a college education for students and their families.
    Successful completion of transfer courses will enable students to simultaneously earn college credit transferable to two and four year colleges and universities and satisfy high school graduation requirements. Successful completion of occupational courses will allow students to earn college credits, to satisfy high school graduation requirements, and to assist in the transition to the community college or job opportunities or careers. 




    Registration Information for Spring 2020!

    MSJC will require all Dual Enrollment students to register for their Dual Enrollment courses through their online MSJC Student EagleAdvisor account. In order to avoid any registration errors, students must have completed or updated their online MSJC application, completed the Online Orientation, pay any outstanding GOPASS balances and turned in their parent agreement form(s). 


    Program Coordinators:
Last Modified on January 1, 2020