•  Filipino Roots  

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    Description:  To spread awareness of the Filipino culture through hands-on experiences such as potlucks, Filipino Movie Nights, cultural showcase and high school conferences.


    When & Where:  Twice a month after school, Thursdays @C13 or to be arranged (TBA)


    Culminating Event of the Year: PILIPINO CULTURE NIGHT (PCN)  


    President: Trinity Guron 

    Vice-President: Auston Chung

    Secretary: Brittnee Yum

    Treasurer: Eron Corea

    Chairperson of Events: Justin Reintegrado


    Filam 2011-2012

    Philippine Typhoon Relief Efforts  
               Philippine Typhoon Fundraising-Donation

     Go to : http://vmhsfilam.weebly.com/index.html

     Filam 2011-2012



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