Advisor:  Jason Bowen
    President:  Jan Sto-Domingo
    Our Motto - imagine. explore. design. create. It's what all good designers do. We want to inspire all students to achieve the best results they can.
    Description:  This is a club that gives students who are interested in the visual arts a chance to come together to further their knowledge and experiences in the art world. We do a variety of activities including t-shirt silkscreening, computer designs, banners, buttons, stickers and other hands-on design processes.
    When & Where:  Monday – Fridays during both lunches; Room E118-119.
    To Order from the Graphic and Arts Society, please contact: Jason Bowen on campus in E118 or via email at jbowen@murrieta.k12.ca.us You can also reach me by phone at 951-894-5750
    We offer:
    *4-color design t-shirts or sweatshirts
    *Stickers (Single color)
    *Posters (up to 36x48)
    *Business designs (logos, letterheads, cards)
    *Buttons (2 1/4")
    *Brochures, Menus, Programs
    All designs are made-to-order to your specifications.


Last Modified on September 4, 2019