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    Murrieta Valley Adult School implements a managed enrollment policy for the following programs: ESL, ABE, Independent Study, Concurrent Enrollment (high school students only). These classes are "first-come, first-serve". Enrollment is capped at 30 students per class. Once a class is full, prospective students will be placed on a wait list until openings arise.

    There is an open enrollment for the following classes: High School Diploma program, GED, ESL and Citizenship Prep.
    You must register online and come in for testing prior to beginning classes.
    Registration can now be done online prior to coming in for testing.  Click on Registration tab for instructions to register.
    See Fall Testing dates under the Registration tab for testing days and times.


     There are no fees for the following classes: High School Diploma program, GED, ABE, ESL and Citizenship Preparation. Each of the for pay CTE classes have their fees on their respective enrollment pages. 

    Refund Policy

    Students are eligible for a full refund of  Career Technical Education (CTE) tuition, if the request for withdraw is made prior to the course meeting more than two (2) days.   A student is entitled to a full refund of fees if a course is canceled by the school principal or designee.


     Attendance at Murrieta Valley Adult School is vital to ensure academic success for all of our students. Non-attendance in any of our programs will be cause for dismissal from the school.


    No Smoking Policy

    Students are NOT allowed to smoke on any part of the Murrieta Valley Adult School campus (including parking lot). Any student who is caught smoking on campus will be subject to disciplinary action and/or citation from the Murrieta Police Department. 

    Class Information

    Murrieta Valley Adult School has been approved by the California Department of Education to provide education to students who are 18 years or older and certain high school students who are approved by their home high school and the Adult School Principal.

    High School Diploma

    We offer the opportunity to complete your high school diploma through our independent study program that includes online classes on APEX Software. All the readings and materials have been developed for adults. Students will work at their own pace. Diploma Lab is offered Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

    We require completion of 190 semester credits broken down as follows:

    English - 40 credits (Basic English, English Composition, American Literature, World Literature)
    Math - 30 credits (Algebra I or greater, 20 cr. lower level math classes)
    Social Studies - 30 credits (World History/Geography, U.S. History, Government, Economics)
    Science - 20 credits (Physical Science, Life Science/Biology)
    Fine Arts/Foreign Lang/Career Technical Ed. - 10 credits
    College and Career Prep - 10 credits
    Electives - 50 credits

    Classroom Protocol

    Students will work in the classroom up to four days per week (Monday through Thursday) from 4:00 - 7:00 pm. Instructors are present in the classroom for assistance.  Students are required to be on campus at least one hour per week to check in with instructor and take any necessary tests.  A math and reading test are required prior to registration to determine if reading and math levels are high enough to be successful in the program. If the test scores are lower than the minimum required to enter the diploma program, you may enter our Adult Basic Education (ABE) class to raise the scores. Prior to entering our program, we will need a copy of your high school transcript in order to do a credit evaluation to determine the classes you will need to complete. 

    GED (General Education Development) Test Preparation

     This class is designed to help students prepare to take the GED test. The GED is a high school equivalency test. Students who pass the 4 areas of the testing with minimum score of 145 receive a California High School Equivalency Certificate from the state. This traditional class meets two nights a week. The Kaplan GED Prep book is required. A math and reading test are required prior to registration to determine if reading and math levels are high enough to be successful in the program. If the test scores are lower than the minimum required to enter GED program, you may enter our Adult Basic Education (ABE) class to raise the scores. The GED test is now offered on the computer.  For information and to register for the test, go to http://www.ged.com  


    Adult Basic Education (ABE)

    This class is designed to improve reading and/or math. If you are interested in earning your high school diploma or GED, but do not feel ready for high school/GED-level subjects, this class will help you brush up on the basics. This is a 6 to 7 week course with a test at the end to show if a student is ready for the GED/high school diploma class.


    English as a Second Language (ESL)-We offer four levels of classes to learn English. These classes are offered in the mornings and the evenings. Our classes offer language skills people need to become successful employees, active community members and informed citizens. 


    Community Fee Based/Enrichment Classes

    We offer a variety of classes in computers, self-improvement, vocational/business training and fine and applied arts. These classes are for personal enrichment only. A fee is charged for the classes and a minimum number of students must be met in order to start a class. We now have online career and personal interest classes through ed2go, Career Web School (Real Estate, and Pro Trainings (health related classes-CPR).   .

    Non-Discrimination Policies

    Murrieta Valley Unified School District maintains a firm policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination. Religious, racial, or sexual harassment or violence against students or employees is discrimination. All persons are to be treated with respect and dignity. Sexual violence, sexual advances or other forms of religious, racial, or sexual harassment or discrimination by any pupil, teacher, administrator or other school personnel, which create an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    School Site Council 

    Murrieta Valley Adult School is looking for volunteers who would be willing to serve in the  School Site Council. If you are interested in serving, please contact our office at (951) 696-3805.


    District Parent Information

    For more information about specific programs of important to the community, please visit the following pages on the Murrieta Valley Unified School District website.



    Equal Opportunity Employment 

    Equal Employment Opportunity Poster


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