• Medical Pathway

    Medical Department Chair
    Linda Teahen

    Pathway Description: The objective of the Medical Academy is to provide interested students a moderately deep academic experience into the various health-related professions available at both the professional and technical levels.  There is a heavy emphasis in Anatomy & Physiology & Disease, Medical Terminology, Trauma and medical/nursing professionalism. Students who complete this pathway will have a solid foundation in Pathophysiology and Medical Terminology that will give them an advantage when seeking employment immediately after high school and when continuing their training in any health care field or their progression at the university level.  An excellent course  for future doctors, nurses, or students interested in the paramedical fields.

    • Required coursework for graduation and post-secondary options including medical schools
    • Medical related courses
    • Co-enrollment courses with local colleges
    • On-line and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses
    • Health Science Partnership with UCR School of Medicine
    • Intro class and partnership with Shivela Middle School
    • Partnership with Murrieta Fire Department
    • Received over $250,000 in grant funds
    • Field Trips offered throughout year including: Loma Linda Medical School, UCR, Ben Clark Training Center, Annual Health Career Conference, AMR Ambulance Facilities, Mt. San Jacinto Community College, Bodies Exhibit
    • Partnerships and Internships with area medical facilities




Last Modified on March 12, 2021