• Science

    Department Chair, Randy Johnson

    Randy Johnson

    Randy Johnson began teaching for the Murrieta Valley Unified School District when he joined the staff of Murrieta Valley High School in 1993. During his time as a Nighthawk  served as Science Department Chair for a number of years, as well as serving on the Technology Committee and WASC leadership team.  Mr. Johnson served on the Planning Team for Vista Murrieta High School and transferred there when it opened in 2003. During his time at Vista he served as the Science Department Chair and a member of the WASC leadership team. He was a member of the inaugural leadership team for Murrieta Mesa High School and transferred here when it opened in 2009.  Mr. Johnson received his Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Cal Poly, Pomona, his teaching credential from CSLA, and his Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University. He currently serves as Murrieta Mesa’s Science Department Chair and his goal is to create a science program that will give students many opportunities to pursue their interest in and passion for science. Mr. Johnson hopes that the students of Murrieta Mesa will share in his curiosity and passion for study of the physical world that surrounds us.

    Teacher/Freshman Academy, Steve Chitraroff

    Steve ChitraroffStephen Chitraroff joined the Murrieta district as a Nighthawk at Murrieta Valley High School in the summer of 2000.  Since 2000, Mr. C has taught anatomy and physiology, biology, and environmental science.  In addition to his responsibilities as a science teacher, Mr. C has advised the Earth Club, the Snowrider’s club and the MVHS Green Team.  These responsibilities exemplify Mr. C’s life ambitions to be a mentor to the youth by inspiring them to understand how nature works, to appreciate the beauty of nature through recreation, and to honor nature by reducing your impact upon it.   After living and playing in the mountains of Tahoe for 3 years after high school, Mr. C earned a BS degree in biology and botany and Humboldt State University and his teaching credential at San Diego State University.  Most recently, Mr. C earned his Masters' degree in  Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University.  Mr. C’s future ambition is to become a volleyball coach at Murrieta Mesa and to climb the technical route of Mt. Whitney.

    Teacher, Gretchen Schultz

    Mrs. Schultz

    Ms. Schults has her Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and a Master's in Science Education – both from the University of Iowa. She commutes from San Diego and has taught for seven years. Her teaching career began in the Capistrano School district in orange county and has taught biology, marine sciences, life science, earth science, and college biology (during grad school).  Before teaching, she worked in zoological institutions as an animal care specialist - started at Sea World in San Diego, then moved to Florida to help open Disney's Animal Kingdom (worked with marine animals, and African animals (large birds, giraffes, zebra, meerkats etc…). She continues her education with courses in biotechnology through programs at Scripps Research Institute in SD and in marine sciences through NOAA.
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