• math/science


    Hello and welcome to Math/Science Virtual Learning! This year we will be using Canvas. In Canvas you will fine your weekly lessons, assignments and grades. At the end of the progress reporting period I will transfer your grade from Canvas into Aeries. 

    Some things to remember:

    1. Students log into Canvas everyday.
    2. This year school starts at 8:30 everyday. (Monday 1-6, Tuesday/Thursday 1-3-5 or Wednesday/Friday 2-4-6)
    3. Establish a routine at home for work completion and encourage your student to come to my Virtual Afternoon classroom if they need help. My Virtual Afternoon classroom hours are from 12:30-2:30 everyday.  
    4. Reach out and ask for help when needed!
    5. Watch for emails and other communication from your teacher


    Please email me through your Canvas Inbox or at ahoffer@murrieta.k12.ca.us if you have any questions or need help


    Take care and stay healthy!


    Mrs. Hoffer


Last Modified on November 9, 2020