• School Site Council

    School Site Council October 10, 2012

    Members Present

    Terry Picchiottino
    Jill Buschhausen

    Della Fay

    Jacquie Acosta

    Bryn Edwards

    Beatriz Moreno

    Belen Talavera

    Kelli Komenda
    Kim Kuhn
    Terry talked to Site Council about these are elected positions.  He will put these names in the weekly bulletin to be elected or ask for other nominees.
    Terry talked to the site council about EIA/LEP funds, how we generate the $, and what the $ could be spent on. 
    Talked about possible expenditures



    Presentation Stations

    • Smart Boards
    • headphones
    • counseling

    Other ideas

    • English 3D (Scholastic's new EL Program) Curriculum needs
    This proposal was taken to Leadership for approval.  They will take it to their teams for approval. 

    Parents/staff asked if they would like to add anything else to the "list". Everyone is satisfied with the direction we are going. 


    Next Meeting November 7
    •  School Safety Plan
    • Parent Engagement Policy
    • Student Compact

    Jill Buschhausen

    Alta Murrieta TOSA