• Odyssey of the Mind

    Winning district teams have advanced to State Finals and World Finals. 

    Odyssey of the Mind, sponsored by NASA, was founded in 1978 to develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Featuring local through international levels of competition, students work in teams to solve problems in a variety of areas, from building mechanical devices such as spring-driven vehicles to giving their own interpretation of literary classics. Through solving problems, students learn lifelong skills such as working with others as a team, evaluating ideas, making decisions, and creating solutions while also developing self-confidence from their experiences.

    Initiated in 1978, it was originally named "Olympics of the Mind." The first competition consisted of 28 New Jersey schools and was intended to be a one-time event. The enthusiasm from students, parents, teachers, and volunteers compelled organizers to establish the program as an annual event. In 1980, the first non-U.S. team participated in the competition, making it a "World" Finals. Now, teams of up to seven students take on Odyssey challenges each fall and work for months to develop and implement solutions to open-ended problems. They compete against others in the same category and age group. 


    Questions Regarding Odyssey of the Mind

    Laura Pechin- E. Hale Curran Elementary
    Carol Hernandez - Dorothy McElhinney Middle School
    Cindy Brandon-Waller - Cole Canyon Elementary
Last Modified on February 25, 2020