• October 21, 2008
    Welcome to my Webpage.  This is my first attempt at creating this type of communication and I look forward to learning new and innovative ways to display information.  For now, I have provided some personal information which might be news to you.
    I live in Temecula with my wife, two sons, and two dogs.  I have lived in Temecula for 15 years.  I have been employed with the MVUSD for 13 years with a beginning date of July 1995.  I was originally hired as a Math/Science teacher at Shivela Middle School.  After two short years I was honored to be selected as one of Shivela's Assistant Principals.  After three years as Shivela's AP, I was transferred to Thompson Middle School.  Then, after three years it was off to Avaxat Elementary School as an Assistant Principal.  I became Avaxat's AP in August of 2003 and am presently in my 4th year as your Principal!
    The road I have traveled to get to  this principalship has been one filled with positive experiences.  I estimate that I have worked with 10,000 kids, their parents, and about 500 employees.  Each step along this journey I remind myself of the importance of this profession.  Teaching is the only profession that makes all other professions possible. 
    Approximately 17 years ago when I started teaching in Rancho Cucamonga I remember a student playing on a playground and stating to a friend, "Last one there is a rotten egg!"  His only worry was being first to wherever he was headed.  He wasn't worried about tests, books, lessons, etc.  for that moment he was focused on being a kid.  These 7 words continue to keep me grounded and maintain my focus on the entire child.  At Avaxat we continue to take pride in our focus on the entire child which includes: Academics, Emotional, and Social needs.
    Learn More, Respect All!
    David Ciabattini
    (951)696-1402 ext 2199
Last Modified on October 2, 2008