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    Name: Cynthia Garcia
    Email Address: cyngarciamsjc@gmail.com OR cygarcia@murrieta.k12.ca.us

     Hello Seniors and Parents!
    My name is Cynthia Garcia, I am a Counselor at Mt. San Jacinto College.
    A little bit about myself- I graduated with my Bachelors in Communication from Cal State University San Marcos and received my graduate degree in Education Counseling from National University. I have 3 dogs, I love Disneyland (AP Holder here!), I love traveling, Eeyore, Rocky, SD Padres/Chargers and going to concerts.

    Now on to the good stuff..why is MSJC here at MMHS?


    MSJC and Murrieta Valley USD partnered a few years ago to build a transition program that will help local HS graduates with the process of enrolling at MSJC. I am going on my 3rd year at Murrieta Mesa and couldn’t be any happier and more proud to work with such a great school.


    The students that work with me will have the following added bonus at MSJC:

    • Ability to have a full comprehensive education plan completed- this plan outlines EVERY class a student will be taking based off their major and schools they are interested in transferring to. This minimizes unnecessary courses and keeps them focused on courses specifically needed for their educational goal.
    • Have an earlier registration date than those students who do not work with the MSJC transition counselor- This is another BIG ONE- Think of this as a “Disney Fast Pass” – you will get to register before other students. This is extremely helpful as you can get your courses registered earlier, and be ready when the semester starts.
    • SAVE MONEY!- After completing the FAFSA and being found eligible for the Board of Governors Waiver- will have their tuition waived- Which in other words- their classes will be paid for. This means, as long as a student remains eligible for the BOGW their 2 years of college are practically tuition free. Huge SAVINGS!!  $$
    • Already know a counselor at MSJC that can help them through the scary transition from HS to College.- I have been at Murrieta Mesa for 3 years now and I have noticed a huge difference with the students that met with me vs. the students that graduated from MMHS that did not meet with me.

    I want to make sure your senior is ready, regardless of the path they take toward their higher education goal. If they are unsure of what community college they want to go to, they can sign up for MSJC as a backup, this way they can have their plan in place if they do end up attending. If you are waiting for those 4 year universities’ letters, my fingers are crossed for your students! Good luck to all!  Creating a backup plan in this scenario would also be a great idea. For those of you that know your student will be attending MSJC, getting a head start now is a great way to start those proactive skills that one needs to succeed in college.


    During the 2017-2018 academic year - I will be at Murrieta Mesa HS each Thursday through May 2018.  I meet with students, and discuss their educational goals, schools of interest and create their education plan even before they arrive at MSJC.


    Having this plan even before they start at MSJC gives them a huge advantage over students that do not have one.


    If you would like to make an appointment with me click here.
    ***Please be advised, in order to make an appointment to meet with me, you must have an MSJC ID. You can come in to one of the application workshops or complete the application yourself. ***
    You can request an appointment with me 2 ways- clicking above and completing the form including your MSJC student ID, or after you have completed your MSJC Application you can go see Mrs. Fuentes and sign up with her. 

    I look forward to meeting you all! If you have any questions- please do not hesitate to contact me!