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    P.L.U.S. is a leadership program that utilizes social leadership qualities to connect students on our campus.  A diverse cross-section of student leaders facilitate a series of activities that created a culture of community amongst our student body.  Using a variety of methods, which are designed to break down walls of segregation between groups on our campus, foster positive relationships for the entire student body and create activities that have been shown to build connections and meaningful participation for students.  

    Student leaders are trained in facilitation strategies to implement activities of the PLUS program.  The foundation of training is to utilize citifies that "create a culture in kids to take care of kids."  At the center of this activity based approach is a peer-to-peer led forum of discussion.  It provides an opportunity for young people to be empowered to engage in dialogue, bond with one another, and identify critical issues to create a positive culture and safe school  climate.

    We meet in the 3rd period class.  Forums are held on A Days during 3rd period once a month in the Hawk Rock.

    Advisor: Aimee Freemer
    President: Savannah Peters
    Email: amfreemer@murrieta.k12.ca.us


    Be on the look out for our awareness projects this semester:


    September: Suicide Prevention Week


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