The One Award
  • The One Award

    Award Nominee Criteria


    Each individual employee contributes a unique attribute in making MVUSD ONE amazing school district to be a part of. The recipient of “The One” award should exemplify the following practices listed in the criteria below.

    Honorees are chosen on a weekly basis.

    Strong Nominees exhibit the following attributes:


    A strong leader demonstrates a unique ability to guide and inspire others, which in turn contributes to the effective and efficient functioning of the School. The staff member may possess leadership in the following way:

    • Inspires and encourages others to develop both professionally and
    • Models perseverance in the face of adversity and readily adapts to new
    • Aligns actions and decisions with the District’s goals, mission, and core



    A committed staff member demonstrates a deep commitment to not only their work but executing the district's core values in their day to day job duties. This quality is demonstrated when an employee:

    • Displays a strong commitment to providing excellent service to co-workers and
    • Is known as a reliable source of support in our school community, willing to volunteer in different capacities in order to enrich our
    • Demonstrate involvement in educational development activities in the school and beyond
    • Shares enthusiasm for the school district with others



    This person works effectively and efficiently with others to achieve solidarity.

    • Establishes positive relationships across multiple levels of the
    • Mentors and cultivates staff members, developing a culture of respect and support that contributes to an environment conductive to
    • Inspires others to work collaboratively

    Builds relationships with other staff members that support a high level of trust and credibility.


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