• MVUSD Human Relations

    In October, 2003, the Human Relations Council was established. The Council meets several times a year and is comprised of MVUSD teachers and administrators, parents, students, civic and community leaders, and law enforcement representatives.

    The Human Relations Council consists of the following subcommittees:

    • Youth
    • School
    • Parents
    • Community

    The Human Relations Council's objectives are to:

    • Promote an environment at district schools that will help students feel safe, comfortable, accepted and connected.
    • Address diversity issues in the District with staff, parents and students.
    • Bring about community awareness of differences through community activities.
    • Review District policies and procedures with regard to discrimination based on race, equity, gender and religion.
    • Improve parent/school communication.
    • Offer additional educational opportunities to students and parents on diverse issues.

    MVUSD parents, students, and interested community members who wish to participate in this important effort are invited to attend upcoming meetings or contact Dean Lesicko, the District's Coordinator of Student Support, for more information at (951) 696-1600 x. 1164.

    Diversity Awareness

    Diversity awareness curriculum and activities are incorporated throughout the district at all grade levels. To see complete lists of curriculum and activities by grade level, click on the Elementary, Middle and High School links below.

    • Elementary School
      • Peace Lady has been working for three years with students on peaceful conflict resolution. Focus on diversity and acceptance, meeting with each classroom of students to work on this issue. Continuing to train staff and playground supervisors.
      • PLUS Forums are student-led experiences that focus on understanding and appreciating people as individuals
      • Character Counts a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian character education framework that teaches the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.
    • Middle School
      • UNITY Forum focuses on uniting school sub-groups of Peer Assistant Leaders
      • (PAL) trains students to help other students resolve conflicts
      • New Student Lunch sponsored by ASB welcomes and connects new students to site
      • "Mix It Up" Lunch students are encouraged to sit with others outside their usual peer group
    • High School
      • Black History Month celebration/assembly
      • SUCCESS Program - program that develops leadership in students and an understanding of cultures and mores.
      • PLUS PEER Leader Program Forums
      • Discussions occur in the classroom about diversity, cultures, etc.
      • Ethnics Nations Club
      • English Department Core Reading List

    Additional Resources

    Student Support

    The Murrieta Valley Unified School District provides Student Support for each student through a movement called Developmental Assets, which are positive experiences and personal qualities that young people need to grow up to be healthy, caring, and responsible individuals.

    District-wide PLUS team activities provide District schools with an avenue to address diversity awareness, peer conflict resolution, school safety, and help establish connections between teachers and students that meet specific needs.

Last Modified on October 6, 2022