We are currently in the process of hiring a new Dance Coach. Please check back after spring break for more information.




    Thank you for you interest in VMHS Dance,

    Dance Company, Dance Team and Dance Crew
    Dance 1
    Dance II
    Adv. Dance Choreography
    P.E. 9
    Dance 1, Dance 2 and Adv. Dance Choreography These courses meet UC/CSU (F) and District requirements for the second year of Physical Education or Visual and Performing Arts.
    Rally form--to be completed one week before each rally or field trip
    Dance Team and Dance Crew
     Parent and dancer meeting
    Wednesday--August 22 at 6pm
    in the dance studio
    Dance Crew this will be short--Dance Team this will be a bit extended
    Thank you:)
     Captain Application--Closed
    Dance Company (teams/crew)forms--Please complete and turn in all forms to be eligible to perform
    Parent Volunteer driver form is necessary for all parent volunteers  
    Current GPA-print out 
    All dancers will need a physical before they may dance in the company-
    --All Dancers--Please email contact number for remind--
    Dance Crew only--
    Here is the link for uniforms at Logo Joes
     It is open now through mid July
    Dance Team only-- 
    -Varsity only—Summer team rehearsals -8-10am—July 9th and 10th, 2018
    Varsity and JV—Uniform Fittings 
    If you missed fittings here is the form-fitting form 
    email the completed form to CGunn@varsity.com
    She is our uniform rep
    This is how to handle payment for your personalized uniform(s)




    UNIFORM/TOP/SPANKS                          ORDER #78103243            DUE DATE 06/03/2018


    PULLOVER/LONG SLEEVE T                     ORDER #12548983            DUE DATE 07/01/2018



    CUSTOMER #23189800  


    Go to:  payment.varsity.com

    Please click on your DANCER, then click on submit (bottom of page)

    Click on you can see a list of what you are paying for.

    Then proceed with payment.  If you need any changes or have questions, please contact your coach

    Thank you!


    Please, email me with any and all questions--
    Thank you
    Coach GO 
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