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Technical Help and Requesting Devices

Request for devices:

Device Agreement Form (English)

Device Agreement Form (Spanish)


 Please try the solutions listed below first - if they do not work, please contact


If you are having problems logging into your school Chromebook, please know:

- the first time you log onto your Chromebook MUST be using wifi here on campus.  You can use wifi in the parking lot - you do not need to physically come onto the campus.  Password is nighthawks.


To get into Office 365:

do this step first – the other steps will not work until you complete this step

- Go to Office 365, log-in

- User name is your 9 digit student ID number

- New students only - Password is Mvusdmmdd!
(mm is your birth month, dd is your birthdate. If your birthday is March 4th, your password would be Mvusd0304! Be sure the M is capitalized)

- Returning students - it is the same password that you set last year.

- Once you have logged in, go to Outlook. This is your email account. Your email address is 9 digit student


To get into Aeries:

For BRAND NEW students:

- go to Aeries
- Select Create New Account, select Student (not Parent)
- Follow the prompts. You can only use your 9 digit student ID email account – it will not work with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
- Check your email account for an email from Aeries – click on that email to confirm your email address, it will take you back into Aeries.
- Finish following the prompts. At the end, it will ask you for your primary contact number, which is the number that you chose when setting up your Aeries account, and a verification code. Please contact Mrs. Velasquez (A-K), Mrs. Young (L-Z) or Mrs. Gaines for your verification code.

For RETURNING students (or students from Thompson/Shivela):

- go to Aeries

- log in using your 9 digit student ID email and password that you created. 

- if you cannot remember your password, please use the Forgot My Password feature and follow the instructions