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Academic Opportunities

Parent/Guardian of an Eighth grade or High School Students:

As you and your student evaluate course choices for the upcoming school year, we want to encourage your student to consider more advanced and career related courses (CTE).  Having access to challenging and relevant coursework is a motivating factor for student success in high school and beyond. If a student hasn’t accessed this kind of coursework in the past, they may incorrectly think these courses are not for them. Challenging coursework, while more ambitious, can provide new opportunities for students who may have previously felt limited. If a student truly desires to take this coursework, we know this is the primary indicator for student success.

There are numerous opportunities for challenging courses in our district that include:

♦   Advanced Placement (AP)
♦   International Baccalaureate (IB)
♦   Dual Enrollment (DE)
♦   Concurrent Enrollment (CE) at MSJC housed at Murrieta Valley HS (New for 2019-20)
♦   Career Technical Education Pathways (CTE):

  ×      Audio Technology

      ×       Fire Science (New for 2019-20)

   ×      Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair

      ×       Law Enforcement

   ×      Computer Science/Cyber Security

      ×       Medical/Health Careers

   ×      Culinary Arts/Hospitality

      ×       Multimedia

   ×      Digital Film Production

      ×       Photography

   ×      Engineering

      ×       Robotics

   ×      Entrepreneurship

      ×       Sports Medicine

   ×      Fashion

      ×       Studio Art


We hope to have this letter spur a conversation between you and your student regarding course choices and future plans. Please contact your student’s high school counselor and/or administrator for specific courses offered at your school and for assistance with your student’s plans and direction.

Please click on the orange underlined text that states, "New for 2019-20" for the new opportunities we are proudly introducing to our families.  


Patrick Kelley, District Superintendent

Martina Beach-Hedges, Principal of Murrieta Canyon Academy

Steve Ellis, Principal of Murrieta Mesa HS

Dr. Mark Pettengill, Principal of Murrieta Valley HS

Mick Wager, Principal of Vista Murrieta HS