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20-21 School Year Virtual Learning

Even though we have been mandated to begin the school year virtually, please know the Board is committed to physcailly re-opening school sites to students, as soon as it is allowable. Our goal is to return students and staff to campus safely, strategically and in a way that is smooth and successful. 


We will continue to send communications on the status of returning students to campus, when they can be most definitive for families rather than cause more uncertainty.


Stay tuned for the details!


10/15/20 Paper.Co Free Tutoring Services for students in grades 6-12 and How to Access Paper Guide

10/1/20 Mid-Semester Update: Grades, Upcoming BOE meeting, Virtual Attendance Calls and Canvas Pairing

9/22/20 Riverside County advances to RedTier

9/15/20 Meal packets to all students at no cost

9/10/20 Secondary Families-Student Email Etiquette

9/03/20 Athletics Return Notification and Documents

8/30/20  Week 3 On-boarding Zoom-Teams

8/25/20 8-25-20 SEED Reopening Survey

8/22/20 Week 1 of Virtual Learning & Tech Issues

8/21/20 Special Education virtual meeting re-cap with documents discussed

8/17/20 Special Education virtual meeting for parents 

8/14/20 Special Education student(s) clarification

8/13/20 Special Education student(s) notification 

8/11/20 New Specialty Student Schedules: MCA, Elementary Special Day Class, Adult Transition Program

8/7/20 Canvas & 1st Day of School

8/6/20 Virtual Learning Back To School Family Communication. 

7/17/20 20-21 School Year Begins Virtually 

7/17/20 Special Board Meeting, Reopening Schools full meeting audio and presentation 


Our Educational Services leadership has put together brief videos that explain what virtual learning will looks like for Murrieta Valley USD. 

 Elementary School Overview



Middle School Overview 



High School Overview