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Logging into Zoom Link and Helpful Videos for Zoom & Canvas

Zoom Accounts:

Please follow these steps to access their Zoom account:

1. Open up this link on an internet browser (Chrome preferred):

a. Go to
b. This is the authentication link

2. Click the "SIGN IN" button on the Zoom Video Conferencing Page.
a. The student will be taken to their MVUSD Zoom profile page

3. IMPORTANT: keep this internet tab (Zoom Profile page) open and open up a second tab.

4. On the second tab open up your teacher's Canvas page and click their Zoom link

5. Students will then follow the same process to open up the teacher's Zoom room as they had before, using the Passcode for the room if it asks.


Helpful videos:


Inciciar Session Una Vez


Streamlining Your Student Logons


Canvas Help:

For Elementary, use this link for Canvas Help:


Some Video tutorials.  We appreciate your efforts and cooperation in this on boarding initiative.  Thank you

Q: How do I properly log-on to Zoom?

A: Logging on to Zoom for the first time

Q: How do I enter my virtual classroom links in Zoom with my student login?

A: Logging on to class links Zoom on a laptop/desktop

 Q: How do I logon to Zoom on an iPad?

A: How to logon to Zoom on an iPad

Q: How do I logon to Zoom on a Chromebook?

A: How to logon to Zoom on a Chromebook

Q: Another user is logged onto my device in Zoom. How do I log them out so that I can log in?

A1: Logging a user out of Zoom on a browser

A2: Logging a user out of Zoom in the Zoom client

We are confident that these videos will answer most of your ZOOM questions. We look forward to seeing you in the virtual classroom this week!