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Latino Parent Advisory Committee Meetings

Latino Parent Advisory Committe (LPAC) 

Parents/Guardians play a vital role in a child's education throughout their life. A parent/guardian's supportive role in their child's education can improve achievement, increase student engagement and enhance a schools community. Hence, Murrieta Valley Unified School District values and is committed to collaborating with parents as partners in education.

The Latino Parent Advisory Committee is one of several groups aimed at strategically addressing educational issues that affect the success of a child's academic life.

The mission of the LPAC is to provide parent/guardian support with a focus on understanding academic systems in elementary and secondary schools; providing knowledge about California Education codes and standards, as well as college and career readiness. 

 All parents and community stakeholders are welcome to attend the meetings. Translation and child care services are available at LPAC meetings. 

For more information, please email:  Jay Brown  Gabby Sosa or Liz Hudson 


El Comité Asesor de Padres Latinos del Distrito Escolar Unificado Murrieta Valley se reunirá el 28 de agosto de 6: 00-6: 30. Haga clic en el enlace para acceder a los archivos adjuntos con información y fechas de reunión. Los servicios de traducción están disponibles y todos son bienvenidos.



LPAC Flyer with meeting dates