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After-Deadline Yearbook Purchase Info

EDIT 5/1/2024

Since our yearbook is printed on-demand, you are able to order it after the deadline. However, since our book has gone to print, you will pay extra for shipping. After-deadline orders will be printed in the order they are received, which means they may not arrive before the end of the school year.

Order here:


Our school yearbook is pretty special, full of great photos and interactive creative prompts. We also give you two free pages to put your own photos on! Deadline to do your custom pages and order a yearbook is April 22.

If you want a yearbook, you have to pre-purchase it online at Our yearbooks are printed on demand, with your two custom pages printed in your book only. We do not buy in bulk to sell at the end of the year like most schools do.

Buy your yearbook at the beginning of the year and you won't have to worry about forgetting to buy it. The last day to purchase is April 22, 2024 - also the day your custom pages need to be completed.

Yearbook price is $31.

More information about our yearbooks here