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School Safety is a Partnership

At Murrieta Valley Unified we are very proactive about school safety.   We partner with Murrieta Police Department to ensure we have safe campuses and their officers are highly trained to handle any crisis.  We have prevention and response strategies in place for situations and we have multiple methods to ensure effective communication during an emergency. 


There are six police officers assigned to our schools on a full time basis including one sergeant and one corporal.  In addition, Murrieta Police and surrounding local law enforcement agencies train and plan for school emergencies. 


MVUSD, with the assistance of our safety partners have conducted comprehensive school safety audits at each of our schools to identify entry and exit points and mitigate vulnerable aspects of our school’s physical layout. Fire protection and law enforcement are intimately familiar with the layouts of our schools.  Each school has its own emergency plan that acts as a guide before, during and after an emergency situation. Our schools conduct safety drills for a variety of situations including active shooter scenarios.


The best prevention strategy is for students, staff and parents to report any suspicious behaviors or potential safety concerns or anything they see or hear about anyone who may have the intent or potential to harm themselves or others.  Murrieta Police Department’s 24-hour dispatch line at (951) 696-3615, the Tip Line on the Murrieta Valley USD mobile app, or by making an anonymous tip through our website, are the best ways parents and students can partner with us in keeping one another safe.


We rely heavily on the efforts of parents and guardians to provide guidance and support for students at home and to reinforce the fact that schools are safe places for children to be.  We also ask that parents and guardians maintain open lines of communication where students feel safe to report suspicious activity; and know that joking about school violence or threats at school or to their friends is not okay and may be a criminal offense. 


There is information on our website about what parents can expect in a school emergency along with information about safety measures in place at district schools.   

There are multiple ways to report suspicious or illegal behavior or safety concerns: 


Thank you for being partners with us in our ongoing efforts to keep our schools safe havens for learning.