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CBEE Honor Roll Recipient 2014 & 2016

CBEE logo     Our school was chosen by the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE) as a 2014 Honor Roll recipient and        again in 2016!

    This campaign is known for it’s extensive and rigorous analysis of every public school throughout California. Our school            stood out among the thousands because of our success to get our students to higher levels of achievement and beyond.

Unlike other awards, the CBEE Honor Roll:

  • Includes a measurement of improvement
  • Is the only award given by California business leaders
  • No application process is necessary
  • Establishes a higher bar of performance than any other award
  • Takes into account equity and closing achievement gaps

We did not apply for this award (they found us!) and it is a great honor to have been chosen. We are featured on the CBEE website and a banner has been designed just for us to hang proudly at our school.

Each year, CBEE presents this award to individual schools and to school districts that have excelled in raising student achievement and closing achievement gaps, improving the educational system for all students.