Tuesday 3-27-12

Posted by Cortnee Zirpel on 3/27/2012

Today we got to explore the world of science! Is it a solid or a liquid...the jury is still out :) We played with cornstarch and water, otherwise know as "Ooblick". It's a wonderful substance. The more water you add the less the cornstarch sticks together. It's a great science activity because it makes a BIG mess but it cleans up amazingly well!! You can also put water color in it to mix some fun colors, which we did, or just play with it the way it is.
After exploring the senses some of us drew some pictures and other played on the computer doing Fast Math and Ticket to Read!!
Then we sent the big kids on their way, took Mr. Logan to school, and came back for more Ooblick fun :) After more Ooblick some friends wanted to spray paint. They got the stencils from yesterday's flower cut outs and spray painted (with liquid water color) their papers. They are beautiful - wait until you see them in the classroom!!
To finish off the morning we had Kinder Club time. The kids all had a chance to tell Miss Cortnee what the days of the week were, and if they got all 7 right, they got a star! (don't worry - it washes off :) 
Then we played Phonic Bingo where they got a sticker if they won :) Then it was outside play time, lunch, and off to Kindergarten!
That's it for today, tomorrow promises to be JUST as exciting :) See you then!