CP English I Agenda

15 August 2016
Distribute Syllabus
Discuss Haiku/ Webpage
Short Story-Genre Focus : Focused Notes
Add questions Genre Focus notes
Read "The Open Window" 
17 August 2016
Warm-up: Grammar 1.1
Read and Discuss: "The Open Window" 
Marking Text-  Using Notes from Genre Focus 
Homework: N/A
 19 August 2016
Warm-up: 1.2
Guidelines for Marking Text 
Mark Text for Plot Development: in groups
Homework: Complete Marking Text
Marked Text "The Open Window"
Highlight unfamiliar words, significant details,
circle repeat words and develop 2 questions per page
Due: 22  August 
23 August  2016
Warm up: Grammar 1.3
Discuss Mark Text
Discuss Detailed Paragraph - Structure and Description
Discuss MLA Guidelines 
Homework: Chunk sentences 1-4 
25 August 2016 
Warm up: Grammar 1.4
Complete Chunk 4-8
Complete Hand Written Paragraph
Homework:  Type out "The Open Window" 
8 Sentence Paragraph  Due: 8/29
29 August 2016 
Warm up: Grammar 1.5
Complete "The Open Window" Literary Elements Graphic Organizer
 Homework: Study Grammar 1.1-1.5 Quiz 8/31
Complete Elements Chart and study for "The Open Window" Reading Quiz 8/31
31 August 2016 
Grammar 1.1-1.5 Quiz
"The Open Window" Quiz 
Begin Expository Unit: Read Three Ways to Persuade
Begin Marking the Text:  Three Ways to Persuade
Homework:  Complete Marking the Text
Use Marking the Text handout  as your guide    
2 September 2016 
Film: The Great Debaters
Evaluate the use of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos
Homework: n/a
7 September 2016 
Warm up: Grammar 2.O
Discuss "Three Ways to Persuade"
SRI Testing
Homework: N/A 
 9 September 2016
War up: Grammar 2.1 
Cont. "Three Ways to Persuade" 
Evaluate the use of Ethos, Logos and Pathos in The King's Speech
Discuss diction/ word choice/ loaded words
Homework: Read "The Undercover Parent" and find the loaded words throughout
13 September 2016 
Warm up: Grammar 2.2
Discuss "The Undercover Parent" and the loaded words found in article
Complete Activity #5 -Making Predictions & Asking Questions
Homework: Complete Activity # 15 -Thinking Critically
15 September  2016
 Warm up: Grammar 2.3 
Review Activity #15
Analyze Braveheart Speech-Ethos, Logos, Pathos 
Read "What are the Consequences of Parents Snooping on Their Teens"
Homework: Mark the Text  "What are the..."
4 marginal annotations and in text throughout 
 19 September 2016
Warm-up:  Grammar 2.4
Review the article:  The Consequences of Parents Snooping..." 
Watch Father Shoots Laptop after reading daughters social media 
Homework: Develop 2 questions or statements for both articles read in the Undercover Parent Unit
and 2 for the video seen as support for this unit 
 21 September 2016
Warm-up: Grammar 2.5
Socratic Seminar :  The Undercover Parent
Introduce Persuasive Writing Guidelines: Persuasive Essay Guidelines
          Use all 3 of the Rhetorical Devices (Ethos, Logos, Pathos) 
                     Use 3 Loaded words or phrases 
 Homework: Begin Writing Your Persuasive Essay
23 September 2016 
Warm-up: Grammar Quiz
Discuss Intro Paragraphs: Peer Review
Discuss Body Paragraph #1: Reason #1
Complete Body Paragraph #1: Reason 1
Homework: Complete Body Paragraph #1: Reason #1
Due: Tuesday 9/27/16 
 27 September 2016
Warm-up: Grammar 3.1
Grade Grammar 2.0 Quiz
Discuss Body Paragraph #1
Begin Body Paragraph #2: Reason #2
Homework: Comple Paragraph #2: Reason #2
Reminder***You are NOT required to have
Commentary #2 in either of your Body Paragraphs 
 3 October 2016
Warm up: Grammar 3.3
Cont. Persuasive Essay
-Concluding Paragraph
Homework: Type essay using MLA Format
5 October 2016
Warm up: Grammar 3.4
Focused Notes: Literary Terms  
Read Meet the Author pg.211
Begin Reading  Sweet Potato Pie
Homework: n/a
7 October 2016
Warm up: Grammar 3.5
Read Sweet Potato Pie (audio)
Used Lit terms to complete SIFT handout
 Homework: Complete SIFT and study for Grammar Quiz #3
11 October 2016
Warm up: Grammar Quiz #3
Collect Persuasive Essay 
Collect EXPO Unit  Packet
Discuss  Sweet Potato Pie: Literary Analysis
Homework: n/a 
13 October 2016
EADMS Test (Library) 
Check out To Kill a Mockingbird (Library)
Begin Opening activities for TKMB
Homework: None 
17 October 2016
Warm-up:  Grammar 4.1
Review Structure: To Kill a Mockingbird 
Reading Assignment Chart:Reading Assignments Sheet 
Discuss CTFIST:CTFIST Annotations Guide 
Discuss To Kill a Mockingbird Study Guide
Begin Reading Chapter 1
Homework: Complete Chapter 2 TKMB
Complete Study Questions for Chapter 2
21 October 2016 
Warm-up: Grammar 4.2
TKMB Chapter 1-3 Quiz 
Read Chapter 5 TKMB
Work on Study Guide Questions 4-5 
Homework: Read Chapter 6
Complete  Chapter Study Questions 4-6
Chapter 4-6 Quiz 10/26 
TKMB Vocabulary Survival Guide:
 26 October 2016
Warm-up: Grammar 4.3
Review Figurative Lang. Notes 
Analyze Excerpt from TKMB- Finding Figurative Language
Take Chapter 4-6 Quiz
Read Chapter 7
Homework: Read Chapter 8&9
Complete Study Guide Questions 7-9
 28 October 2016
Warm-up: Grammar 4.4
Read Chapter 10 
Discuss Annotations- CTFIST Ch. 10-12
Complete Study Questions
Read Chapter 11 
Complete Study  Questions Ch. 11
Homework: Read Chapter 11
& Complete study Questions Ch. 10-11 
Prepare for Quiz on Tuesday, November 1
(Chapters 8-11) 
1 November 2016 
Warm-up: NA
Take Reading Quiz: TKMB 8-11 
 Read Chapter 12
Complete Study Questions: Chapter 12 
3 November 2016 
Warm-up: Grammar 4.5
Annotations: Chapters 10-12    
Read Chapter 13 TKMB
Homework: Study for Grammar Quiz 11/9
                    Read Chapter 13 
                   Complete Study Questions for Quiz 11/9 
 7 November 2016 
Grammar Quiz: #4
Read Chapter 14 TKMB
Complete  Study Guide 12-14
Read Chapter 15
Continue to work on annotation Chapters 10-12
           Annotations Due: November 18th 
 9 November 2016
Warm-up: Grammar 5.1
Take TKMB Quiz Chapters 12-14 
Discuss Expository Writing Rubric
Read Chapter 16
Homework: Read Chapter 17
Complete study Questions for Chapters 15-17
Reading Quiz on Monday, November  14th
Continue to work on Annotations for Chapters 10-12
                                  Annotations are DUE 11/18th
Use CTFIST handout to guide your annotations 
 14 November 2016
Warm-up: Grammar 5.2
Open Book Test TKMB Chapters 12-17
Work on Annotations
Read Chapter 18
Homework:  Read Chapter 19
Complete Study Question through Chapter 19 
Continue Annotation Chapter 10-12 Due:  11/18 
16 November 2016 
Warm-up: N/A
Read Chapter 19
Complete Study Guide Questions for Chapters 18-19
Complete Annotations Chapters 10-12 Due FRIDAY, 11/18
Homework: Read TKMB Chapter 20
Complete Chapter 20 study Guide 
Complete  Annotations Chapters 10-12 Due Friday, 11/18
18 November 2016
Drama Presentation/ Anti-bullying
Discuss Essay Revisions 
Read TKMB Chapter 21 
Homework:  Complete Study Guide 21
 29 November 2016
Warm-up: Grammar 5.3
Review for 18-21 Quiz 
Take TKMB Reading Quiz
Read TKMB Chapter 22
Complete Study Guide Chapter 22
Read TKMB Chapter 23 
Complete Study Questions for 22 & 23
1 December 2016 
Warm-up: Grammar 5.4
Discuss TKMB Quiz 18-21 
Read Chapter 24
Collaborative Conclusions (TKMB)
Read 25 TKMB
Complete Study Chapters 22-25
Prepare for TKMB Quiz 22-25 Monday, December 5th
5 December 2016 
Warm-up: Grammar 5.5
Take TKMB Reading Quiz Chapters 22-25
Read Chapter 26
Complete Study Guide for Chapters 26
Homework: Read Chapters 27 & 28
Complete TKMB study guide for 26,27, & 28 
Reading Quiz Next Class 
7 December 2016 
Warm-up: N/A
Take Reading TKMB Quiz 22-25  
Read Chapter 29 TKMB
Work on Study Guide Questions: Chapter 30 
Discuss Final/ Study Guide
Discuss Essay Prompt
Homework: Read Chapters 30 & 31 TKMB
Study Guide Due: the day of the final Wednesday, December14
12 December 2016 
Cont. To Kill a Mockingbird  
Review for Final: Complete & use study guides
Homework: Study Guides, Annotations and Agendas ALL DUE THE DAY OF THE FINAL
11 January 2017
Begin Performance Task-District Writing Assessment
Day 1: Read and annotate 3 articles (Should or shouldn't schools continue to fund athletics?) 
2 Pro and 1 con article
Also preview 3 videos on topic
Homework: Complete article annotations and handout on topic 
13 January 2017 
Create Outline and
Timed Written Assessment
 Homework: None
18 January 2017 
Watch To kill a Mockingbird
Homework: Prepare for essay next class 
20 January 2017 
Rally Schedule
Homework: Bring in To Kill a Mockingbird Novel
24 January 2017 
 Video: Hey Boo
Complete worksheet 
26 January 2017 
Warm-up: N/A
Select writing Prompt
Group according to prompt
Begin Brainstorm & Controlling Idea 
30 January 2017 
Issue Bathroom Passes
Cont. Development of Controlling Idea 
Start Fact Finding for Essay Topic in Groups 
Homework: Complete Bare Bones Outline:
All Facts Due: Next Class, February 1st 
 1 February  2017
Review Developing a Controlling Idea
Continue. Fact Finding  for TKMB Essay
Bare Bone Outline must be complete today 2/1
Homework: N/A 
3 February 2017
Continue Process Paper on TKMB 
Review Barebones Outline Barebones Outline
Focus on Developing Transitions 
Develop Commentary- add to Complete Outline
Homework: Complete Paragraph One on the Complete Outline, Develop Transition Sentences or Phrases, and Complete Commentary.
 7 February 2017
Warm-up: Grammar 6.1 
Revisit transitioning our facts into our body paragraphs
Complete Body Paragraph #2 
Homework: Finish body Paragraph #2 
9 February 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 6.2
Continue Developing Transitions & Adding Concrete Details to Complete Outline 
Students Should Complete 3rd Paragraph by End of Period
Homework: Make sure Complete Outline is Ready for Turn-in Next Class 

 13 February 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 6.3
Complete Outline -Due Today  
Discuss Developing  Intro / Conclusion 
Homework: Complete Introduction and Conculding Paragraphs
Be ready to type essays next class!!!!
 15 February 2017
Warm-up: 6.4
Type Essay in MLA format- Library A179
Essays must be typed this period!!!!
Have an adult or friend peer edit your essay
Make any needed corrects...Essays are Due: 2/21/17 at start of class
21 February 2017 
Warm-up: 6.4 
Peer Edit- TKMB Essays (read around)
MLA Review (Peer Edit) 
Read Only Daughter (Literature Book pg.314)
Complete Questions 5-8-Due next class 2/23
Complete Reading Questions 5-8 pg. 317 
Select Outside Reading Book- Let Mrs. G know next class 2/23
23 February 2017 
Warm-up: N/A
Read and Discuss: Only Daughter 
Writing Practice: 6 Sentence Paragraph
 Writing Task :  Your topic Sentence has been provided for you 
Homework: N/A

1 March 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 6.5
Only Daughter Reading Quiz
Paragraph Edit- Peer review
Homework: Type Only Daughter Paragraph
                              Use MLA Format (See handout)
 3 March 2017
Warm-up: Grammar Quiz Tuesday,  3/7 
Finish Peer Edit: Switch paragraphs
Read: Excerpt, Night pg. 305
Complete Night handout:Timeline
Homework: Complete Selection Questions 
(use complete sent.)
Prepare for Grammar and reading quiz on Tuesday, March 7th
7 March 2017 
Grammar Quiz # 6
Only Daughter Paragraphs turned in  
Oprah Winfrey  /Elie Wiesel Documentary-Night
Complete handout
Homework: n/a 
9 March 2017 
SRI Testing
13 March 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 7.1
Discuss Research Paper 
-Focused Notes on Global Content Global Context PowerPoint
-Assign groups for presentations 
Homework: N/A 
4 April 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 7.2
Cont. Focused Notes: Global Context 
Homework: N/A 
6 April 2017 
Warm-up: N/A
Discuss Global Context Research Presentation
Benchmark Test (MMHS library) 
Homework: N/A
10 April 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 7.3 
Review Presentation Guidelines 
Students Divide Slides and Responsibilities 
Begin working on Presentation
Homework: Bring Outside Reading books to class all this week 
***Check one out or buy one if you have not already done so 
12 April 2017 
Warm-up : Grammar 7.4
Cont.  Global Context Presentations
Homework: Bring Outside Reading book to class next class
14 April 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 7.5
Complete Global Context Presentation in class
Practice Presentation/ You will present next week!!!
One person from group must email presentation to:
dguzman@murrieta.k12.ca.us by end of period 
Homework: N/A 
18 April 2017 
Warm-up: Complete Grammar rules for submission next class
Presentations on Global Context
Homework: Study for Grammar Quiz 4/20
20 April 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar Quiz 7
PowerPoint: Finding Your research Topic
Select Your Global  Context
Develop Your Research Question 
Begin Research
Homework: Print out Research Articles 
Outside reading assignment due: May 4th 
24 April 2017 
Warm-up: N/A
-Handout/ Discuss Research Packet
-Library Floor- Those needing articles will research and those with articles will annotate their articles finding fact that apply to their Global Context and interest.
-Complete Controlling Idea Worksheet
-Begin Barebones Outline- find the facts that answer your "I believe" statement from the controlling Idea Worksheet
 Complete Research Collection Chart
26 April 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 8.1
Cont. Research- use chromebooks if needed 
Complete Research Collection and move to Barebones Outline
Complete Barebones Outline 
 28 April 2017
Warm-up: Grammar 8.2
Review Outside Reading Guidelines
Global Context Research Continues
Check Research Packet-Progress (Barebones/Thesis Statement)
Begin Complete Outline 
****Continue to work on Complete Outline
First paragraph completed and Topic Sentence and Evidence in second paragraphed checked next class, Tuesday May 2nd.
Outside Reading Due: May 4th 
2 May 2017
Warm-up: Grammar 8.3
Complete Outline: Due Next Class 
Complete Outline
Outside Reading Assignment Due 5/4 
4 May 2017 
Warm-up: Grammar 8.4
Check-off Complete Outline 
Complete Introduction and Conclusion( Use diagram provided) 
Type Research Paper- Use MLA Guidelines
 8 May 2017
Warm-up: N/A
Peer Edit: Check MLA & Written Development
Discuss Works Cited and Annotated Bibliography
Create Your Works Cited 
Turn in revised essay and Works cited Next Class
 *****Go to the Writing Center- 5% extra credit
                                                      Room H255 
10 May 2017 
Warm up: N/A
Research Paper Due, if needed make adjustments
Intro to Shakespeare/ take Focused Notes
Watch A&E William Shakespeare's Biography 
Homework: Make writing adjustments
complete Understanding Shakespeare handout ( Literature Book pg. 574-577)
12 May 2017
Warm-up: Grammar 8.5
Focused Notes: R&J Drama Notes
                          R&J  Literary Style
Romeo and Juliet Prologue Activity
Complete Rhyme Scheme Handout
Homework: Complete Rhyme Scheme handout

16 May 2017 
Warm-up: N/A (Grammar Quiz next class)
Cont. Prologue Activity, Romeo and Juliet
Character Review- in packet
Shakespeare's Word Arrangement-in packet
Begin Act I
Homework:  Complete The Love Connection handout
18 May 2017 
Warm-up: #8 Grammar Quiz  
Cont.  Act I,  Romeo and Juliet
Watch Act I, Romeo and Juliet
Homework: Complete Act I Post Reading /worksheet (in packet)
22 May 2017 
ACT I Quiz
Cont. Romeo and Juliet 
Watch Act 2
Complete The Prologue worksheet for ACT II
Complete Post reading ACT II
Read the end of ACT II- 3 pages 
Finish Post Reading and Prologue activities
24 May 2017 
Mark the text : Juliet's Opening Speech (ACT III, scene ii)
         (summarize each stanza and ask at least two questions in margins) 
Complete ACT III Comprehension Questions  
Homework: Complete tasks that are not completed in class
**There will be a reading quiz  next class.  
31 May 2017
No Warm-up
Romeo and Juliet Quiz ACT IV 
Watch Romeo and Juliet ACT V
Complete Post Reading/ Comprehension Questions worksheet
Romeo and Juliet Packets are due on Monday, June 5th 
Queen Mab extra credit due: Tuesday, June 6th