apuntes 1

What are common greetings in Spanish? Hola
Buenos días
Buenas tardes
Buenas noches
When are these greetings used?
  • You can use hola whenever.
  • Use buenos días in the morning 
  • Use buenas tardes in the afternoon
  • Use buenas noches in the evening
*Note:  Morning until 12pm (noon)
  Afternoon until 6pm
  Evening 6pm-6am
What are some common “good-byes” in Spanish? Adiós
Hasta manaña
Hasta luego
Nos vemos
*Note: Chao is another way of saying good-bye
When are they used?
  • Adiós is used whenever
  • Hasta manaña litterally means until tomorrow.
  • Hasta luego and nos vemos are used when you expect to see the person later that day or in the near future (but not necessarily tomorrow)
How do you ask “what is your name?” ¿Cómo te llamas?
How do you answer? Me llamo ______________.
Mi nombre es ______________.
Note: After you meet someone say “encantado(a)” which means nice to meet you.
How do you ask what someone else’s name is? ¿Cómo se llama el chico/la chica?
What’s the boy’s/girl’s name?
¿Cómo se llama él/ella?
What is his/her name?
How do you answer? Se llama _____________.
What is a noun? A noun is a person/place/thing/or idea.
How do nouns differ in Spanish and English? Every noun in Spanish has a gender and is either masculine or feminine.
Masculine nouns generally end in an “O” and follow the words un/los.

Feminine nouns generally end in an “A” and follow the words una/las.

Exception words that end in:
 -ma are maculine
 -dad are feminine