apuntes 6

SER= to be
Yo SOY Nosotros SOMOS
Ella       ES
Ellas        SON
How do you ask where a person is from? Use formula:
¿De dónde + SER+ name/prn?
¿De dónde SON ellos?
From where are they?
How do you say where a person is from? Use formula:
Name/prn +SER + de +(place)

        Yo SOY de México

What verb do I use to talk about where someone lives? VIVIR
What’s the difference between SER DE and VIVIR? SER DE is used to say where a person was born.
VIVIR is used to talk about where they live right now.
How do I say “I live in…”? Vivo en…
Vivo en una casa
Vivo en un apartamento
How do I say “he/she lives in…? Él/Ella vive en…
1. We are from  Peru
2. They are from Honduras
3. I live in Murrieta
4. She lives in San Marcos
1. Nosotros somos de Perú
2. Ellos son de Honduras
3. Vivo en Murrieta
4. Ella vive en San Marcos