apuntes 22

Repaso de Verbos ReflexsivosIn a reflexsive verb the action is reflected back on the subject. Remember to take the "se" off the infinitive and then conjugate the verb like normal.
me duchonos duchamos
te duchas
se duchase duchan
Where do I put my prounouns?Remember that pronouns go:
1. before conjugated verb
     Me ducho
2. attached to the "r" of the infinitive (if there is one)
       Voy a ducharme.
3. attached to the -ndo ending (if there is one)
       Ella está duchándose
Remember you must add an accent to keep the correct pronunciation.
Prática1. I always get up at 5am.
2. She never used to put on make-up.
3. What time did you wake up?
4. I'm going to brush my teeth.
5. They are combing their hair (right now).
Respuestas1. Siempre me levanto a las cinco.
2. Ella nunca se maquillaba.
3. ¿A qué hora te levantaste?
4. Voy a lavarme los dientes.
    Me voy a lavar los dientes.
5. Ellos están peinándose.
    Ellos se están peinando.