Visual/Performing/Media Arts Pathway


           MMHS' Performing Arts Pathway and Visual/Media Arts Pathway allow student artists a more in-depth and saturated exploration of their chosen art form.  We want our students to learn not only in theory and exercise, but with practical, hands-on experiences that will allow them the skills they need to be in the performing arts. Professional partnerships are currently integrating into our curriculum. Because of this, we are experiencing an authentic and exponential growth of talent and expectations! 

          Each area of the Performing Arts Pathway and the Visual/Media Arts Pathway offers students the tools they need to succeed -- not only in that area but in the advancement of our communities.

  • Required V/PA courses for graduation, many of which meet the A-G requirements for CSU/UC and other post-secondary options including visual or performing arts school.
  • Advanced-level V/PA courses in each area, including advanced musical groups, AP Music Theory, AP Studio Art, and AP Art History
  • Co-enrollment courses with local colleges (In Development)
  • On-line and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses (In Development)
  • Partnerships and Internships with area performance groups, businesses, museums, etc.
  • Top quality performance groups, concerts, musicals, plays, galleries, and more!

Click the links on the top-left sidebar to browse our different Visual, Media and Performing Arts Pathway areas and learn more our exciting programs.  Explore the inner artist in you! Feel free to contact a teacher by phone or e-mail if you have questions about how to get involved with these exciting co-curricular courses. You will be glad you did!
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