Tovashal Elementary

Creating productive, successful, life-long learners

School Mission

The mission of Tovashal Elementary is to provide a safe, motivating environment that creates productive, successful, life-long learners.

School Vision

  • When they graduate from school, students will be accomplished, confident, positive and productive citizens.
  • The administration will be enthusiastic leaders who have supportive relationships with staff, parents, and students to create a caring school community.
  • Our colleagues will be energized, enthusiastic and open to new ideas.
  • The primary role of teachers will be to inspire excellence.
  • The curricula will be challenging, stimulating, creative, relevant, consistent, and research-based in order to empower students and staff as a model of an exemplary school.
  • Discipline issues will be resolved through empowering children to use peer conflict resolution strategies.
  • The most important criterion for measuring our success will be productive leaders in learning and positive contributors to the community.
  • The school will be recognized in the community as a caring and nurturing environment where all students will succeed.

We Believe

  • in a community of mutual respect.
  • in integrity through honesty in our actions and words.
  • in treating each other with compassion and recognizing the value of each unique individual.
  • in accepting responsibility and being accountable for our actions.
  • in open and ongoing communication to promote excellence in education.
Last Modified on December 15, 2007