• Online Learning Program for Students

    The Murrieta Valley Unified School District believes that online courses provide important opportunities for our students that will prepare them for the demands of the 21st century.  However, it is important to recognize that the quality of online learning opportunities can vary widely at both the secondary and post-secondary levels.  In order to ensure we developed a quality online program, we conducted careful research and consulted with experts to identify key factors for successful online course implementation.  As a result of this investigation, we identified three critical elements that must be an essential component of all MVUSD online courses:

    • Rigor: Each online course must match the level of rigor found in our current courses.
    • Relevance: Each online course must be designed to meet the learning goals and objectives of our current district courses while engaging students with meaningful, relevant content and activities, and rich, interactive digital resources.
    • Relationships: Each online course must provide for substantial teacher-to-student and student-to-student interaction, with ongoing communication of expectations and progress with students and parents.

    Rigor, relevance, and relationships are essential elements of an MVUSD online course and, we believe, to the successful online learning experience for our students. To achieve this, high quality content that includes a multimedia-rich and highly interactive learning experience, developed and delivered by MVUSD teachers, is essential.  Our district online teachers are equipped and trained to provide this level of quality virtual instruction.

    For more information and resources about online learning and  the importance of providing quality online learning experiences for students, visit the Why Online Learning? page.

    Current Course Offerings:  Students are currently required to be in face-to-face courses for 240 minutes per day.  Students may take an online course only after they have fulfilled this seat requirement.  As a result, online courses, in most cases, are primarily geared toward upper division high school students who are able to have late start or early release, or students willing and able to take a course above and beyond their full schedule of regular classes.  Online courses can only be offered through a school site if there is sufficient enrollment, and if the course fits within a school site's master schedule--see your counselor for more information about site-based online course availability.

    It is our hope that additional online courses will be developed each year, with the initial focus on courses that fulfill high school graduation requirements and eventually expanding into other course work and grade levels.  The online program currently includes 9 courses that are currently being taught or are in development. Some of the online courses are site-based, meaning they are offered at one of the particular high schools (see above paragraph), but most are offered as district-based classes, meaning they are available to any district student regardless of the high school he/she attends (subject to space availability--see "How to Register" section below). Online course enrollment is limited, and courses may be closed or cancelled at any time based on enrollment numbers or teacher availability.

    Online district-based courses include the following:
     Driver's Education 


    Information, Communication, and Technology
    Middle School PE 
    PE 9 
    PE 10
    How to Register for District-Based Online Courses:
    Students taking district-based courses are co-enrolled in the course while remaining enrolled full time at their current high school.  Students enrolling in district-based courses will be required to attend at least 3 onsite sessions, either at the teacher's high school or at a district location (TBD), each semester.  These onsite sessions may take place before or after school or on a Saturday, so students who enroll in an online course must be able to arrange to attend and, if necessary, travel for these events. In addition to these three onsite sessions, students must meet with the teacher onsite or online via web-conference at least two times each month.
    The registration process can be initiated with the student's counselor.  All students must submit the Online Learning Contract, which must be completed, signed by both the student and parent/guardian, and submitted prior to registration.  Print, complete, and sign this document and return to your counselor  in order to be considered for enrollment.
    Online Course Readiness:
    Student success in an online course is dependent on many factors. Academic ability, computer skills, habits of mind, parent support, and technology access are among these essential factors.  GPA alone is not necessarily an indicator of student readiness.  Students and their parents should carefully consider the factors we have identified before deciding whether to enroll in an online course.  Please review the Online Course Student Readiness page for more information (Note that some courses have additional requirements for online enrollment).
    For more information about enrollment in district-based online courses, please contact
    Cheryl Tarabilda by email at  ctarabilda@murrieta.k12.ca.us or by phone at 951-696-1409, ext. 5094.