• Welcome to Murrieta Canyon Academy

    Home of the Phoenix!

    The small campus environment of Murrieta Canyon Academy supports the needs of all students through the use of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Restorative Practices. With a school vision centered on “committing to every student, every day to ensure life readiness”, our teachers and support staff strive to create an individualized learning environment and campus community that provides students with an engaging and supportive educational experience.

    Murrieta Canyon Academy is an Alternative High School of Choice that provides multiple learning models for its students. The MCA Daily Program consists of traditional face-to-face instruction like a comprehensive high school, but with smaller learning environments and built-in academic supports and interventions. Students in the MCA Daily Program can take up to eight classes following a block schedule format.  All students in the Daily Program have a built-in “Guidance” class which meets daily to provide academic and socio-emotional support. Many students in the Daily Program also take an Academic Seminar Period which provides access to credit recovery using APEX Online Learning. Core classes in the MCA Daily Program utilize Board Approved Standards-Based Curriculum and meet district and state guidelines for CSU/UC (A-G) and NCAA approval.

    In addition to the MCA Daily Program, students at MCA have access to Independent Study (I.S.) coursework which can be used as a full-time learning option or as a part-time program for acceleration or credit completion.  Students can co-enroll in the Daily Program and the Independent Study (I.S.) Program.  The MCA Independent Study Program also provides opportunities for students at the other district high schools to co-enroll.  All classes in the MCA I.S. Program are provided through APEX Online Learning. Core classes in APEX meet CSU/UC (A-G) and NCAA requirements. 

    Murrieta Canyon Academy also houses the district’s suspended expulsion program, Carpe Diem. Under this program, students have access to grade-level coursework coordinated by a single classroom teacher in a self-contained classroom setting. The program emphasizes restorative practices, socio-emotional support, group dynamics, and coping strategies. 

    All programs of instruction at Murrieta Canyon Academy provide students with flexibility and support to create an individualized educational plan. Students can access rigorous Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate, and Career Technical Education (CTE) coursework at any of the comprehensive high schools in the district.  MCA students can also participate in Visual/ Performing Arts programs and CIF sanctioned athletics as co-enrolled students at the comprehensive high schools. Finally, Murrieta Canyon Academy has established two CTE Pathways, Studio Art, and Construction, for its students and the students across the district.

    Murrieta Canyon Academy’s climate and culture creates a foundation for support and opportunity. The school’s motto SOAR—Self Aware, Optimistic, Accountable, and Resilient-permeates throughout the campus and is integrated into activities and situations on campus. We believe these pillars should guide decision making as key Student Learning Outcomes.  Murrieta Canyon students should SOAR to Success, the Phoenix Way!