Murrieta Canyon Academy
  • S –Self-Aware  O – Optimistic  A – Accountable  R – Resilient 



    • I am aware of my purpose and passion.
    • I am mindful of how I need to treat others and how others are feeling.
    • I am mindful of how my actions impact myself and others.
    • I am mindful that as I strengthen my emotional intelligence, it will help me be more empathetic and a supportive member of my community.
    • I am reflective in my actions, thoughts and feelings to help create positive future interactions. 


    • I seek out global opportunities for my future. 
    • I am confident about my future. 
    • I am hopeful about others and my place in the world. 
    • I am confident that my hard work will be rewarded. 
    • I know that despite obstacles, I am capable. 


    • I am responsible for setting academic goals. 
    • I am responsible for my actions. 
    • I am responsible for how I treat others. 
    • I am aware of how my actions impact my future.
    • I hold myself and others accountable.
    • I am responsible for surrounding myself with people who will encourage me to do my best. 


    • I am able to rise above obstacles, challenges and adversity. 
    • I am mindful that my past neither determines nor defines my future.
    • I am able to positively affect and accept change.