Student Classroom and Home Supplies

by Mrs. Bravo Year Published: 2022-2023

Each student should bring the following items on the first day of school with their NAME on each:

*Full size backpack

*Lunch bag with healthy snacks

*Water bottle

*Headphones in a ziploc bag


At Home Supplies:

*Zipper Pencil Pouch or Pencil Box





*Dry Erase Marker


The following classroom donations are ALWAYS welcome throughout the year. We run out of supplies very quickly in Kindergarten. Your help is greatly appreciated:

*Baby wipes (cleaning desks and chairs on a weekly basis)


*Expo dry erase markers



*Ticonderoga Pencils


*Glue sticks

*Computer paper

*Colored construction/stock paper

*Ziploc bags (sandwich and gallon size)

 *Treasure box items (Waterproof stickers, clay, pencils, any small toy).