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Attendance Information

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MVHS Handbook School Policies

HOW TO REPORT ABSENCES - Call the attendance line at 951-696-1408 (24 hours – 7 days a week)

Press #1 for attendance; Press #1 again to report absence. Please contact us on or before the day of your student’s absence and leave the following information:

  • the student’s last name (spell the last name)
  • date of absence
  • reason for absence
  • your name and relationship to the student
  • a contact phone number

Absences not reported and not cleared within three school days will result in uncleared truancies with consequences, i.e. detention or Saturday School.

California Ed Code states that teachers do not have to give make-up work for unexcused absences. Students should report to the attendance windows upon their return with a written note, however, if your parent or guardian has already phoned in the student can just go straight to class.

Unverified Absences

The Murrieta Valley Unified School District Board of Education desires to emphasize the importance of school attendance. Therefore, students in grades nine through twelve, with excessive unverified absences (20 absences per semester) shall receive a failing grade and shall not receive credit for the class(es), Board Policy 5121.

Personal Business / Family Trips

Students who miss school for pre-planned family trips or other personal business need to notify the office prior to the start of the absence. They must also notify each teacher in writing five school days in advance if they want to request work for the period of time they will be absent. These absences are unexcused according to state guidelines. It is the student's responsibility to turn in makeup work on the day the student returns to school. Please note that makeup work completed during personal business/family trips may not coincide with classwork and academic progress may be adversely impacted. We strongly recommend personal business/ family trips be scheduled during breaks.

Arriving Late to School

Please provide written note or call the attendance office if your student is late for school; please indicate the reason for the late arrival (illness, doctor appointment or personal). Instruct your student that he/she needs to report to the attendance office when arriving at school in order for the absence/tardy to be cleared. Be aware that the teacher’s tardy policy is still in effect even if a parent clears the tardy. Your student is considered truant until the absence is cleared. The school can only clear absences with a verified written note or telephone call from a parent/legal guardian. Please include the date(s) of the absence, reason for the absence, and sign the note. Students cannot write and sign notes for parents. This is considered a forgery and students will receive a student behavior referral to administration. Please keep in mind that most teachers require absences to be cleared by the next class meeting. Email messages can not be accepted.

Leaving Messages for Students

Please make transportation and other arrangements before your student comes to school. The attendance office is not responsible for delivering messages to students. Messages can be left with the receptionist (press "0" after dialing 951-696-1408). We want to minimize interruptions to encourage classroom learning and academic success.

To call in an Off-Campus Pass for a Student Driver

To assure your student’s safety and to eliminate forged notes, please call (951) 696-1408, press “1” for attendance, wait for the prompt then press “2” to speak to a clerk. Please call at least one hour prior to the time the student is required to leave. You may also call the attendance tapeline any day before your student is to leave with the departure information (student name, time leaving, student driver/parent pickup, reason for leaving and whether returning/not returning to campus). If you send a note with your student, you will be contacted by the attendance office to verify the note. If we are unable to contact you, your student will not be allowed to leave campus.

To Pick up a Student Early

Parents/Guardians are required to call at least one hour prior to the time thestudent will be leaving, (this is a 24 hour line) and come tothe attendance office, present picture identification, and sign an Off Campuspass in order to pick up a student. Students will not be released to anyindividual not listed on their emergency card unless prior arrangements aremade with the attendance office. Any individual picking up a student isrequired to show picture identification. If your student is riding with anotherstudent, please' leave that information with us. Please understand that if youwish to pick up a student after 2:00 p.m., it may take longer due to staffingsituations and dismissal procedures but the attendance office will do the bestit can to get your student to the office. If a student leaves without a pass,it will be considered a truancy and you will not be able to clear the absence.You must notify the attendance office prior to your student leaving campus.

Last Modified on January 14, 2016