Dorothy McElhinney Middle

Dorothy McElhinney Middle

Mrs. Caldera  
Math and Science
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 Math Book                                 
  • Class Files:  This is where you will find printable documents 
  • Class Links: This is where you will find links for math/science games 
Students you can find science notes in class files. If you print  and bring  them to school you will not need to take notes
in class.  You must have them with you the day of note taking otherwise you will have to take notes during the lesson.
 Blocks 1 and 2 Earned a party tomorrow!

Tuesday 10/6

  • Math: Play some games in class links 
  • Science: Start planning your mini project 
Monday 10/5 
  • Math: None, if you completed page 42 in class otherwise it is homework 
  • Science: Print the 4.2 Science notes   Ice Cube ( pg. 79) 
 Thursday 10/1
  • Math: Complete 2.3 Puzzle. Certain students were told to only finish the first 10 problems.
  • Science: None 
Wednesday 9/30
  • Math: None due to today's quiz however, you can play the games in class links if you would like extra practice.
  • Science: Complete the 4.2 Science vocabulary flipbook.  The words are Convection, Conduction, and Radiation. The definitions can be found on pages 82-84. You need to color the front of the book, write the definition and illustrate inside the book. 
Tuesday 9/29
  • Math: Page 74 ( 5-12)    Quiz tomorrow!!!
  • Science: None 

Monday 9/28

  • Math:Do page 67 in your math text book. Answer questions ( 3-14) Show all your work! 
  • Science: Print 4.1 Science Notes ( if your are able to)  the notes can be found in class files. 


Thursday 9/24 
  •  Math: Visit my web site and click Class Links. Play a fraction game.
  • Science: Complete 4.1 Section Review Page 81 ( 3,6,9,10, 12)

Wednesday 9/23

  • Math: Pages 59-60  ( 1-3) ( 20-38) 42, and 43
  • Science: Finish anything that you need to in your notebook
Tuesday 9/24
  • Math: None
  • Science: Finish 4.1 Vocab cards at home.  Each card should have the front colored, definition and a quick drawing.  Words can be found on pages 76-80  in the science text book: Molecule, kinetic energy, heat, temperature, power plant 
Monday 9/21 
  • Math: In your text book do page 53 ( 1-16)
  • Science: None 
Tuesday 9/15 
  • Math:  You will have the chapter 1 test on Thursday.  Tonight go on to class links and play the math games. The games  will help prepare you for the test.  Your math notebook is due Friday. Double check that everything is completed and ready to be turned in.
  •  Science:   Math notebooks are due and Chapter 1  test is tomorrow.  Study your study guide and triple check that  your notebook is completed and ready to be turned in. We will be doing the "Airplane "lab this Friday!
Monday 9/14 
  • Math: None but for extra practice go to class links and play some math games.
  • Science: Study Guide was started in class and must be completed at home.  Finish any work in your notebook that is incomplete.
Thursday 9/10
  • Math: In your Big Ideas text book do page 35 ( 13-20)
  • Science: Complete 1.3 Vocabulary Cards ( Scientific Law and Scientific Theory.) Write the definition and color the  front of the card.  Print 1.3 notes if you can. We will be writing 1.3 science  notes tomorrow.
 Wednesday 9/9
  • Math: None / For extra practice play math games in class links 
  • Science: None ( Print 1.3 notes) 
Tuesday 9/8
  • Math: In your Big Ideas text book do page 28 ( 4-28)
  • Science: Complete 1.2 write 5 observation for all 5 senses,  and  print 1.2 notes and bring them to school tomorrow.
 Thursday 9/3
  • Math: Complete 1.3 Puzzle worksheet.
  • Science: 1.1 Section Review ( 1-4) , Complete the All about me Card, and Print 1.2 Notes.
 Wednesday 9/2
  • Math: Big Ideas workbook page 14 ( should be  glued in your notebook ) 
  • Science: Bring a magazine to school that is trash. We will be cutting pictures out of them for an "All about me card" on Friday.
Tuesday 9/1
  • Math:  None! Today we did classroom activities on Order of Operations
  • Science: Complete 1.1 Vocabulary word cards.  Use your science text book pages (4-8) for definitions. Don't forget to color the front of the card.  The words are: inference, science, scientific method
 Monday 8/31
  • Math: Do pages 14-15 in your Big Ideas text book. Complete ( 1-44) do not do numbers ( 36,37,38) Once you are at number 18 you may use a calculator for the rest of the homework. 
  • Science: Bring your science notebook to school! Finish your science flipbook if you haven't  already.
Thursday 8/27
  • Math: Complete your "Math About Me" page    Write 5 number facts about you, draw 5 pictures about you, and only use 5 colors.
  • Science: Complete your Science is Everywhere title page.   Read pages (4-8) pages in your science text book. 


Wednesday 8/26
  • Math: Complete page 6 if you did not finish in class today
  • Science: Projects are completed yea!!! Bring Science notebooks to school on Thursday 
Tuesday 8/25 
  • Math: Complete page 8 in your text book if you did not finish in class .  Your Math About Me page is due this Friday
  • Science: Tomorrow is the absolute last day to work on projects. Come prepared with supplies you discussed with your group.
Monday 8/24
  • Math: Page 7 in your math text book. Do problems ( 1-26) make sure to  write neatly, show your work and write the problems for credit. 
  • Science: Bring your science notebook to school tomorrow.

 School supply Donations                                               
  • Mechanical pencils ( lots of them)
  • highlighters
  • glue sticks ( lots)
  • Correcting  pens
  • 3 x 5 index cards for science vocabulary words and other items.
  • Tape for science vocabulary word cards and other items.
Every day Items that need to be brought to school
Two  8.5 by 11 inch single subject spiral   notebooks 
A small notebook for warm-ups 
A book to read  
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