Dorothy McElhinney Middle

Dorothy McElhinney Middle

                                    Mrs. Caldera                                                   
                  Math and Science                               
VIP Dates to Remember

  • Chapter 10 Science Test is Thursday, 5/28
  • Volcano Board Games are due Friday, 5/29
  • SMI will be on June 3rd
  • Science Final will be 6/4
  • Math Final will be 6/5

 For the Big Ideas Math text book visit;  Big
Monday 5/27 
Math Blocks 1 and 2: No math homework tonight ; )
 Science: Study your study guide and science notebooks are due
 Math Block 3: No math homework tonight ; -)

Tuesday, 5/28
Math Blocks 1 and 2:
  Science:  Volcano Games
 Math Block 3:
Wednesday, 5/29
  Science: Volcano Games

Thursday, 5/30Math:  

 Science: Volcano Games


The sixth grade science curriculum focuses on earth science. We will be studying the topics of geology, meteorology, and oceanography. Students will be responsible for keeping a science spiral notebook.  Students must keep all class work and homework assignments in their science notebook.
Everyday School supplies you must have with you!                         
  •  This list is applicable to Math and Science
  • Two single subject 8 1/2 by 11 inch spiral notebooks ( must be this size)
  • 1 single subject spiral notebook for daily warm-ups Pencils (mechanical preferred)                                   
  • Pencil sharpner that collects the shavings
  • highlighter
  • glue sticks
  • red pen
  • Dry erase marker for math white boards
  • 3 x 5 index cards for science vocab words
  • Tape for science vocab cards
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