Dorothy McElhinney Middle

Dorothy McElhinney Middle

Mrs. Caldera 6th grade Room D113
 Math/ Pre-Algebra/ Science
 The best way to reach me is by email.  I will do my best to reply promptly.
For the homework video tutor visit the webisite below and use the web-code      web-code = ave-0775
To sign up for homework reminder 101 call;
Math 6: 669- 200- 6236   text ; @ jmath          Pre-Algebra:  669-200-6236 text @115b
Imporatant Dates


  • Pre-Algebra/ Math 6 quiz this Friday, 5/9
  • WEB Activity 5/14
  • Pep Rally 5/23
  • SMI Test Wednesday, Wednesday, 5/28
  • Dancefinity try-outs 5/29-5/30
  • Science Final Friday, 6/6
  • Math Final Monday, 6/9
Tuesday 5/20
Pre-Algebra: Page Page 277 ( 41-55) all Page 278 ( 44-56) evens
Math 6: page 185 ( 23-26) all
Science: Bring all items to work on your volcano project 
Monday 5/19 
Pre-Algebra: Page 276( 16-34)
Math 6: Page 184-185 ( 3-24) all
Science: Bring all project materials to school. Projects are due this Thursday!




Your child is enrolled in a 6th grade math course covering topics meeting state and district requirements. The topics will include fractions, decimals,percents, geometry, probability,algebra, and much more! Students will be responsible for keeping a math spiral notebook. Each day the students will complete a warm-up, class notes, and homework.

Pre-Algebra is a transitiona; math course for students. It incorporates concrete math concepts such as measurement, geometry, statistics, and computaion with abstract concepts solving equations using variables.  Making the transition from concrete concepts to abstract concepts can be challenging. Students who master these topics will be prepared to study Algebra next year.  Concepts learned in Pre-Algebra are a major portion of the California High School Exit Exam required for graduation.

ScienceThe sixth grade science curriculum focuses on earth science. we will be studying the topics of geology, meteorology, and oceanography. Students will be responsible for keeping a science spiral notebook.  The students must keep all class work and homework assignments in their science notebook.

Everyday School supplies you must have with you! This list is applicable to  Math 6, Pre-Algebra and Science
  • Two single subject 8 1/2 by 11 inch spiral notebooks ( must be this size)
  • 1 single subject spiral notebook for daily warm-ups
  • Pencils (mechanical preferred)
  • Pencil sharpner that collects the shavings
  • highlighter
  • glue sticks
  • red pen
  • Dry erase marker for math white boards
  • 3 x 5 index cards for science vocab words
  • Tape for science vocab cards
Last Modified on May 21, 2014