• We would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief overview of what we will be doing this year.  

    Achievement Groupings       

    As we find ourselves constantly progressing here at MES, we have implemented a system that successfully strives to meet the needs of each individual student.  In doing so, the students are regrouped for both Language Arts and Math classes based on their academic abilities and achievements (California Standards Tests, District Assessments and previous year’s accomplishments.)  This year your child will receive letter grades.  The grading scale is as follows:

                                        100%-96% Exceeding standards

                                        95%-80%  Proficient

                                        79%-70% Basic

                                        69%-60% Below Basic


    Our classes will be targeting reading, language, and math skills at a pace and level appropriate for your child’s optimal learning.  We will be working towards grade level goals using a variety of materials and resources. 

    Parent Teacher Contact

    Please feel free to contact us at any time:

    Mrs. Forney Room 4   696-1401 x2304

    Mrs. Nelson  Room 30   696-1401 x2330

    Ms. Redick  Room 31   696-1401 x2331

    Ms. Garcia Room 3 696-1401  x 2303

    Mrs. Bryant Room 41  x2341

    Mrs. Rosales Room 10  x2310


    Your child’s planner is our major form of communication with parents.  Please look daily/weekly for any notes from teachers, notification of tests/projects, papers that need to be signed or concerns about behavior. Please feel free to write any questions, concerns or notes to the teacher on the planner as well. 

    Homework/Classwork Policy

    It is the policy of the Murrieta Valley Unified School District that students be assigned homework. Fourth grade students will have approximately 60 minutes of homework a night.  In order to abide by that policy, our homework policy is as follows:

    ·  Students will have homework Monday through Thursday.

    ·  Homework may be projects, review or follow up of current lessons.  It may also be unfinished classwork that needs to be completed.

    ·  ALL incomplete or missing assignments (classwork and homework) will be circled on the planner.

    ·  Homework is an important component of your child’s letter grades.  If there are numerous missing or late assignments, it may result in a failing grade. 


    If there are circles on their planner come Friday, they will be given Study Hall which is an opportunity to complete any work.  If work is not completed in Study Hall, they should finish it over the weekend.  They have until Monday of the following week to turn in any incomplete, missing, late or make up work from absences.  Late work will result in a lower grade.  If circles are not signed off by the next MONDAY, the assignment will be given a zero. Missing work can severely affect your child’s academic progress. After that Monday, the late planner will be checked and the work will no longer be accepted.  If your child is absent or is going to be absent, please contact the teacher via email or check the teacher web page for assignment as soon as possible. Work missing due to absences will affect grades as well.  Students need to make up work in a timely manner.  We also strongly encourage ALL children to read nightly.

    Classroom Rules       

    In order to maintain a classroom that allows all children to learn, we have adopted a classroom discipline plan that goes along with the Murrieta Elementary discipline plan.  Please read and discuss the following rules, rewards and consequences with your child.


           1)  We will respect and be friendly to other students and adults.

           2)  We will listen courteously when others are talking.

           3)  We will follow directions and always do our best.

           4)  We will be truthful and honest.

           5)  We will be prepared for class everyday.

           6)  We will work quietly so as not to disturb others.

           7)  We will be polite and patient at all times.

           8)  We will use appropriate language.

           9)  We will show good sportsmanship.

          10) We will show good manners. “Please” and “Thank You.”

          11)  We will keep ourselves and our environment clean and neat.


    • Jaguar Credit Cards = $100 added to account per week

              Deposits to credit card can be earned for following the Character Counts pillars

    • Friday Club
    • Semester Auction



    When a student chooses not to follow these rules, their behavior will be written on their daily planner. Please check this area on the planner nightly for any notes.  The consequences can be any one or more of the following: 

    •  Warning
    • Missed recess and teacher/student conference
    • Parent Notification (note on planner, email or phone call home)
    •  Alternate Learning Environment (sent to another room)
    •  Memo / Referral to the principal
    • Deductions from their Jaguar credit card can also be made daily for not following the Character Counts pillars. 


     We look for every opportunity to recognize children’s academic achievement, outstanding effort, growth, improvement and positive character traits.  This is done through various ways throughout the year including Stalking Success Awards, red tickets, Friday Flag Assemblies, phone calls home, and classroom/grade level reward systems.  We want students and parents to view these as an honor that is earned, rather than one that is expected.  By celebrating their peers’ successes and recognizing role models in their classes, we hope that these awards will help provide motivation across our grade level and promote positive growth in all of our students.

Last Modified on May 21, 2021