• Supply


    School Supplies Needs/wish list is below:
    Please send in the following personal school supplies for your child to keep in their desk and use throughout the school year.

     I will have items in the class also for students to use if needed.  LABEL items with child's first name last initial. 

    Individual Student Supplies if you can: I will supply students with some items if they do not have them.

    • Personal Headphones/Ear Buds ---Labeled with name (Students will need these for the classroom)
    • 2 - Spiral notebooks 
    • 1 Composition
    • Pencil pouch- zippered to store items in desk preferred (pencil boxes are ok)
    • Lots of pencils (or mechanical pencils are best with lots lead)-more is always better (leave a supply at home too)
    • Pencil top erasers or pink erasers                
    • Box of Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils
    • 4+ Skinny Dry Erase Markers - (2+ for school and 2 at home). They will need to keep some at school to use in the classroom and will also need for homework. The skinny markers are best for writing, but any type is fine.
    • 2 Scissors (one for school and one for home)
    • Glue sticks/white glue bottle-small is fine
    • 2 highlighters 

    **Students will also need additional pencils, highlighters, paper, etc. at home for Homework

    Supplies for School:

    • Backpack
    • Water Bottle (with screw top-no straw cups to protect technology) There are refill stations on campus that students can use.
    • Small snack for recess break (Lunch is late in the day)
    • Hand Sanitizer


    I will supply students with: 

    Homework folder to take home and return each day

    HW Folder will need to fit in desk along w/student work Baskets 

    If students have a 3 Ring Binder - No bigger than 1.5 Inch - I know students like to have them to put their papers and supplies in to bring back and forth. (not required)


    ****We are always in need of school supplies. If you are able to donate, here are some items we can use all year. 

    Thank you so much for your help and support! 

    • Baby wipes (used for cleaning hands/desks) A LOT!!!!!!
    • Tissues/Kleenex
    • Computer/Copy paper
    • Dry Erase Markers
    • Pencils
    • Post-Its
    • Sharpies

    Thank you for your support! - Ms. Richardson